Cfar in action

Initiatives and measures

CfAR aim is to support and develop activities related to postdoctoral artistic research at Uniarts Helsinki. The Centre approaches post doc artistic reserachers, staff members and other researchers of artistic practices with both initiatives and measures. 


Short-term research periods for researching staff. CfAR has budgeted provisionally resources for supporting the artistic research projects of the staff members (professors, lecturers, university researchers etc. holding a PhD). The aim is to create academy-based research teams, whose core consist of two members, one staff member and one affiliated postdoctoral researcher. 
CfAR expert support. CfAR will support the postdoctoral researchers working in / affiliated to the Academy┬┤s by offering them a possibility to finance the visit of an external expert at the occasion of their seminar presentations or other research events.


Short-term (4 months) POSITIONS for 4 postdoc researchers, for research project development and article writing during 2018. 
POST DOC ART events are monthly gatherings addressed particularly to artistic postdocs or academic researchers interested in artistic practices, but they are open also for doctoral candidates, and to everyone interested in artistic research. 
CfAR NEST MEETINGS Small-scale intensive, confidential and collegial gatherings aiming at supporting project planning, on-going projects and article writing of postdoctoral researchers affiliated to or working at Uniarts. 
CfAR artistic production grants 2018. CfAR awards grants twice during 2018, in spring and fall, for covering of artistic productions costs. The grants are awarded to postdoctoral researchers who are affiliated or working at Uniarts. 
Support for language revision. The call for supporting the costs related to language revision of conference papers, articles and other possible modes of research exposition is on-going!