CfAR expert support

CfAR will support the postdoctoral researchers working in / affiliated to the Uniarts Helsinki Academy´s by offering them a possibility to finance the visit of an external expert at the occasion of their seminar presentations or other research events during 2018.

For one expert support visit the allocation is 350 € as a onetime fee (plus social costs), as well as coverage of moderate travel costs. The researcher is free to choose the person he/she wants to invite, and free to agree with the invited expert about the organization of the session etc. to which the visit is linked. The level of support primarily allows for inviting local experts. However, if your unit is ready to cover additional costs caused by the expert visit, you can use CfARs support to finance partially an expert visit from abroad as well.

We hope that those of you who are in charge of organizing seminars and other research related events would inform your researchers about this opportunity! The support is applied by writing a free form application that includes a description of the event, timetable, budget, name and information about the potential visitor, as well as basic information about who is in charge of the event.

For more information, contact CfAr Coordinator Michaela Bränn.