Centre for Artistic Research

CfAR – the Centre for Artistic Research – is a profiled research centre at the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki). Its principal aim is to develop and support activities in Artistic Research (AR) at the postdoctoral level, both in the Academies (Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy) and in the Uniarts Helsinki as a whole.

CfAR was created in order to form a community where artistic practice and practitioners, research and researchers can interact in varied and fruitful ways. It gathers all postdoctoral artist-researchers, whether they work in professional fields outside universities or within them, by contract or as visiting researchers, with or without external funding, in Finland or abroad.  The staff members at Uniarts Helsinki who have a degree in the arts or conduct artistic research are automatically part of the CfAR community regardless of their unit or cycle. In addition, CfAR is open to other researchers interested in the study of artistic practices and processes who may benefit from artistic interaction and collaboration with artists and artist-researchers.


Grants for postdoctoral researchers’ productions and research dissemination deadline 28.9.2018

Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR) grants for postdoctoral researchers’ productions and research dissemination

Application period deadline 28.9.2018

The Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR) at Uniarts Helsinki awards grants to postdoctoral researchers for artistic productions that are a part of their research or for dissemination of their work in the field of Artistic Research. The production/event for which the grant is provided may take place between 29.9.2018 (the day after the submission) and 28.2.2019, though the grant must be claimed before the end of November 2018 (due to the fiscal condition for 2018 budget). Funding can only be granted if the researcher is a staff member of Uniarts Helsinki or an affiliated/visiting researcher that has research funding.

The funding is granted for either (a) the costs incurred as part of an artistic production, or (b) the costs incurred in the dissemination of your work in Artistic Research. These can include, for example, for (a) renting of space, purchase of material, payments for ordering of compositions, remuneration for assistants, travel expenses or documentation costs, or (b) conference/symposium fees, and travel costs. The production can have members from outside of Uniarts Helsinki. Given the limited size of the amount, we would like to remind you that the grant may be less than the requested amount. The applicant is responsible for managing all possible taxes and side costs involved (within the sum granted).

A report on the grant must be submitted within two months after the production/event taking place. The grant may be recovered if the report is not submitted. The grant cannot be carried over to a later date.


The online application form is available HERE

The application form along with its attachments must be submitted no later than 28 September 2018 at 23:59 (Finnish time).  

The application consists of the online grant application form and a written application as a pdf file (max 6 pages). The written applications must include: (a) a letter of motivation (a description of the purposes for which the grant is being sought, what the project is, its aims, execution method, schedule (including an indication of when the grant is likely to be spent), (b) a description of how the production/dissemination event relates to the research at hand, (c) a budget, and (d) CV (no more than 2 pages of the max 6 pages). The budget must state all the sources that are providing funding for the production, also the sum that might be a part of the applicant’s research funding. The applicant is encouraged to state contingency scenarios in case some of the funding does not materialise. Name the attachment with its title and your own name. The written application is to be sent in with the online form.

The decisions regarding the grants are made by CfARs Steering Group, that consists of members from each Academy in the Uniarts Helsinki. Applications that are sent in late will not be considered. The decision regarding grant recipients is scheduled to be made by the middle of October.

More information: Michaela Bränn

         Research Coordinator
         CfAR Coordinator