Centre for Artistic Research

CfAR – the Centre for Artistic Research – is a profiled research centre at the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki). Its principal aim is to develop and support activities in Artistic Research (AR) at the postdoctoral level, both in the Academies (Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy) and in the Uniarts Helsinki as a whole.

CfAR was created in order to form a community where artistic practice and practitioners, research and researchers can interact in varied and fruitful ways. It gathers all postdoctoral artist-researchers, whether they work in professional fields outside universities or within them, by contract or as visiting researchers, with or without external funding, in Finland or abroad.  The staff members at Uniarts Helsinki who have a degree in the arts or conduct artistic research are automatically part of the CfAR community regardless of their unit or cycle. In addition, CfAR is open to other researchers interested in the study of artistic practices and processes who may benefit from artistic interaction and collaboration with artists and artist-researchers.


PDA event 31.1.2019: Views from the Window: Talks by CfAR’s 2018 Short-Term Postdoctoral Researchers

The first PDA event will be held on Thursday 31.01.2019, at 16.00-18.00, in the Ackté Hall, at the Sibelius Academy (Uniarts Helsinki), Töölönkatu 28, Helsinki. The topic is: Views from the Window: Talks by CfAR’s 2018 Short-Term Postdoctoral Researchers. 
The PDA opens its 2019 series with a report by two 2018 Postdoctoral Researchers: Pekka Kantonen and Mari Martin. Both worked on a project on Artistic Research for a duration equivalent to 4 months (full-time) in 2018. They will talk about their projects, their research, their ambitions, and may suggest tips for future Researchers. The event showcases and celebrates a fantastic range of activities in Artistic Research, here and now. READ MORE HERE!