Students’ posters take over the streets of Venice

Eight master’s students of the Academy of Fine Arts will take over Venice and the Research Pavilion in a set of three Camino Events.

One of them includes works from Say it loud, a printmaking course that took place in spring, with the course participants’ works on display in Venice. During the course students created posters that, before appearing in the exhibition space of the Research Pavilion, have been on view for passers-by in the streets of Venice this week. Student Suvi Sysi has been providing snapshots of her stay in Venice and the public’s reception of the works. Sysi, like all of the course’s students, also considered the Pavilion’s theme, utopia of access.

– During the course we examined the history of the poster and its status in contemporary culture. In today’s world where information is so readily available, especially online, we thought about the role of the poster as a medium of conveying information and how that might have changed, Suvi Sysi explains.

For her work Sysi created prints of the handwritten notes that she took during the Say it loud course. The resulting work is displayed as three-dimensional, long and crumpled scrolls that appear to come out of the wall “like a flood of information”, as Sysi describes.

In addition to Sysi, Emma PeuraSusanna Autio and Tuomas Holst are also on-site to see their works come together. The Say it loud exhibition also includes works from Inma HerreraMaria HekkalaNoora Nio-JussRisako Yamanoi and Jemma Watling.


Camino Event(s) Artistic Agency / Agency of Art in the Research Pavilion September 13, 14 and 15.