null Feedback from CARPA5

Here are some excerpts of feedback we received relating on the content and organization of CARPA5.


“Intellectually stimulating, physically comfortable, emotionally nurturing”

“I was very pleased to be part of this creative and thoughtful environment throughout these three days at the colloquium. Most of the presentations were interesting (without quotation marks!) and opened the speaker’s topic and point of view in a fresh and attractive way.”

“As usual the workshops were terrific. More non-papers welcome!”

“I really liked how it was organised, that there were no parallel sessions and the presentation formats were diverse”

 “It exceeded my expectations because of the adventurous character and experimentations, it also felt as a safe space”

“The positive thing about this seminar was the choice of topic; once at the same time perhaps vague and perilous, it seemed to be somehow out of the very paradigmatic field of most participants. This, I believe, made it easier for people to focus on subjects and share insights – however far from one another they might else be in their own research.”

“CARPA5 freshened my thinking in many ways.”

 “I came home enriched!”