null Studia Generalia - The Great Neoliberal Hijack of Collaboration (and what arts educators can do about it)

CERADA – Studia Generalia Autumn 2019

The Great Neoliberal Hijack of Collaboration (…and what arts educators can do about it).
Nicholas Rowe, University of Auckland

When: 2nd October 2019, 4pm-6pm
Where: Auditorio 2, Haapaniemenkatu 6

This lecture reviews the history of collaboration within tertiary education over the last forty years, revealing how the instrumentalization of collaboration to enhance the private advantage of learners continues to pervade academia’s understanding of collaboration.

As higher education transitioned from learning ‘through’ collaboration to learning ‘to’ collaborate, extrinsic motivations for collaboration were promoted further through assessment procedures, maintaining a narrow economic-exchange approach to collaboration. These educational practices inhibit the development of collaborative dispositions, foster self-interest and ultimately limit graduates’ preparation for the needs of collaborative work environments.

Moreover, while educational scholarship has extensively explored why collaboration is important and how it may be assessed, much less consideration has been given to how collaboration might actually be taught within diverse disciplinary areas in tertiary education. This opens possibilities for how studio pedagogies (which extend beyond a neoliberal conceptualization of collaboration) can be transferred into other domains.

This lecture concludes by introducing the five steps of the SALAM method, an approach to teaching collaboration in tertiary education that is routed in community arts practices.

Video-recording of the lecture available though THIS LINK