Center for Artistic Research

CfAR Staff 

Mieko Kanno, Director, CfAR

Michaela Bränn, Coordinator, CfAR

Paula Kramer, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR 

Tero Heikkinen, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR

Jenni Lättilä, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR, 2019-2020 

Elina Saloranta, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR, 2019-2020

Luis Rene Guerra Mirand, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR, 2019-2020 

Jana Unmüßig, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR, 2019-2020

Jyrki Siukonen, Visiting researcher 2018-2021, CfAR

Satu Olkkonen, Visiting researcher 2018-2021, CfAR

Pekka Kantonen, Visiting researcher 2019-2020, CfAR

Mari Martin, Visiting researcher 2019-2020, CfAR

David Kerr, Visiting Researcher 2019-2020, CfAR

Özgü Gündeşlioğlu, Visiting researcher 2020-2021, CfAR

Elina Saloranta, Visiting researcher 2020-2021, CfAR

Sascha Mäkilä, Visiting researcher 2020-2021, CfAR

Juho Laitinen, Visiting researcher 2020-2021, CfAR

CfAR Steering group (15.12.2016 - 31.7.2020)

Mieko Kanno, Professor, Sibelius Academy

Mika Elo, Professor, Academy of Fine Arts

Leena Rouhiainen, Professor, Theatre Academy 

Kristiina Ilmonen, Professor, Sibelius Academy 

Michaela Bränn, Planning officer, Study- and Research services 


CfAR Academy-based Artistic Research Project 2019-2020:
Phenomenological explorations in artistic research through cases of breath, air and atmosphere focused performance and choreography

Kirsi Heimonen 10/2019-8/2020 and Leena Rouhiainen 4-6/2020

CfAR Academy-based Artistic Research Project 2018-2019:

Silence, Practicing and Transformation Processes 
The Silence Ensemble: Kirsi HeimonenPetri Kaverma and Anu Vehviläinen 

Postdoctoral researchers, four-month fixed-term positions during 2018: 

Pekka Kantonen
Tanja Tiekso
Mari Martin
Dimitris Papageorgiou

Postdoctoral researchers during academic year 2016–2017:

Jyrki Siukonen
Kirsi Heimonen
Paula Kramer