Thursday Forum

What is the Thursday Forum?


The History Forum’s monthly meetings take place on Thursdays, and are named accordingly. The purpose of these events is to provide art history researchers with more information about historical research to improve their competencies.

Since the first meeting in 2013, we have listened to and consulted with many experts representing different external history subjects and approaches. We want to improve our methodological knowledge of historical research and our understanding of the various ways historical topics can be investigated.

Thursday Forum meetings take place in the afternoon, from 1 pm, in Sibelius Academy’s room T-327 at Töölönkatu 28, Helsinki. Our meetings usually start with a presentation of an hour and half, including discussion on any questions raised, followed by another hour and half of discussion on an academic text related to the theme of the day (so-called “extra time”). Guest speakers are free to use titles and approaches of their choice. We do not expect these meetings to narrowly focus only on art history, and our visiting speakers generally tell us about approaches applied in their own area of expertise within the field of historical research.

Thursday Forum meetings (guest speakers and themes), all seasons