Organ Academy 1st to 7th August 2019

The first Organ Academy, organized by the Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki as a part of the Sibelius Summer Academy summer programme, will take place from August 1st–7th 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. One of the special focus areas of the event will be improvisation on silent movies. Visiting teachers will be Peter Krasinski and Balázs Szabó.

Students from all over the world are invited to apply for the event, highlighting organ music in its diversity and presenting the high standard organs of Helsinki (such as the Walcker organ of St. John’s, the Cavaillé-Coll style organ of Kallio church) and the Porthan organ in the style of Northern-german Baroque at Janakkala. The participants will get a detailed picture of Finnish organ culture and the possibilities of studying organ and church music at the Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki. 

In addition to indivitual tuition, also lectures, seminars and workshops are offered for example on topics like performance practice of historical organ traditions, Max Reger and others.

The participants also get to perform in matinées and the final concert of the event. 

As a part of the Organ Academy, a special Pipe Organ Encounter is organized for teenagers, ages 13-18, who have achieved an intermediate level of keyboard proficiency. More information at


Organ Academy Faculty

  • Peter Krasinski
  • Balázs Szábo
  • Prof. Olli Porthan
  • Prof. Timo Kiiskinen
  • Markku Hietaharju
  • Liisa Ahlberg
  • Susanne Kujala
  • Tommi Niskala
  • Tomi Satomaa
  • Irina Niskala


*This faculty is subject of change without notice



Featured Instruments

Helsinki Cathedral:
- Marcussen & Søn (1967, IV/84 ranks)
- St. John’s: Walcker (1891, III/77+1 ranks, rest. Scheffler 2005) 

Kallio Church:
- Åkerman & Lund (1995, III/60 ranks)

St. Paul’s:
- Kangasala (1931, III/57+4 ranks)

Old Church:
- P. L. Åkerman (1869, II/35 ranks, rest. Åkerman & Lund, 2005) 

Pakila Church:
- Porthan (2003, III/38+5 ranks) 

The Organs at the Sibelius Academy
- Virtanen (1983, III/31+2 ranks) and nine other practice organs