null Prize Bankia for "Best Music Researcher" to Dr. Guadalupe López-Íñiguez

Adjunct Professor of Music Education at CERADA, Dr. Guadalupe López-Íñiguez, has received the “Prize Bankia for Musical Talent” in the category of “Best Music Researcher” from the Valencian Community in Spain.


The prize is given by the Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencian Community, in collaboration with the bank BANKIA and the Valencian Institute of Culture, and is endowed with a cash prize of € 20.000 and a commemorative statuette/trophy.


The prize is awarded in order to recognize people and organizations that are developing projects of nationally and internationally established excellence in the different fields of music.


The Jury, composed of 7 members of high prestige in the field of culture and music, especially valued the relevance, scientific rigor, and originality of the work, as well as the potential research capacity of Dr. López-Íñiguez to transform and generate relevant impacts on the music ecosystem.