PDA event 13.5.2020


WANDERING ECHOES, a walking seminar

Wednesday 13.5.2020, at 16:00–20 

Venue: Ex Club space at the Exhibition Laboratory Gallery (Merimiehenkatu 36, Helsinki)
16:00 Opening of Seminar 
16:15 Walk starts 
17:20 Returning to the venue and coffee break 
17:30 Luis Guerra: Talk on wandering – Introduction of the theme and guests
18:00 Brandon LaBelle, presentation
18:30 Marlon Miguel, presentation
19:00 Discussion 
           Soup and salad
Guests: Brandon LaBelle, Professor in New Media, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen and Marlon Miquel, Postdoctoral Researcher at ICI Berlin, PhD in Philosophy and Arts
Deligny's philosophy and pedagogy are suspended from that which cannot be domiciled in language, from that which exceeds without possible inscription, with the exception of its echoic reconstitution. 
Echoicity is the name I give to the appearing phenomenon of a disappeared event through a sustained reverberation between various fragile bodies. The act of drawing wandering line maps was at the core of Deligny’s last attempt. The main idea behind the production of these maps was really to see, to see a “common territory without subjects or language”, for seeing what happens to be invisible to language.
But what about the wandering in itself, as an operative loss mechanism which, in its declination, occurrence, forces the given context by enacting a possibility of an uninscribed phenomenon? In what sense the act of wandering could be seen as an echoic embodiment of something lost? Could be possible to think the wandering action as an uninscribed methodology of visibilization of that which doesn't have visibility?
As example of cultural wanderings we have the Situationists' dérive, the actions Adrian Piper did in the ’70s, the acts of Jiri Kovanda, Oskar Nikolai Hansen’s pedagogical practices or the poetic acts developed at the School and Institute of Architecture of the Catholic University of Valparaíso in the '60s. And we also have, of course, the wandering of nomads, the wandering of children, the wandering around of tourists. 
This walking seminar aims to explore a physical and philosophical approach to the mechanism of wandering and its capacity for building echoic networks by its operative loss. 
The seminar is a joint event between CfAR – The Centre for Artistic research at Uniarts Helsinki, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Saastamoinen Foundation.