Art Incubators 2020

Taidehautomo 6-7.2.2020

Craftsmanship in the Ecology of Knowledge Production

Two-day workshop for researchers in art, art research, and artistic research

Venue: Sofia Future Farm, Ellen cabinet, Sofiankatu 4 C, Helsinki

For this edition of Art Incubation (Taidehautomo), we focus on the role and place of craftsmanship in research as knowledge production. The topic arises from the observation that craftsmanship is often a ‘given’ in the cultural discourse. We are interested in craftsmanship (a) in the context of research in the arts, as well as (b) within the dynamics of knowledge production. Questions may include (but are not limited to):

  • How does craftsmanship participate in the varied stages of knowledge production including the research design, implementation, and dissemination?    
  • What is the liminal space between art and craft in the context of knowledge production?
  • What kind of craftsmanship do we look for in different research fields?

Timetable and program 

Thursday 6th
9:30 Coffee/tea + sandwiches
9:45 Introduction to Day 1
10:15–12:00 How do you relate to the theme? Everyone introduces themselves for 3 minutes each
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Let us form groups. How shall we go about it?
14:00 Group discussion
15:15 Coffee
15:30 Group discussion
16:30-17:15 Report of discussion from each group
17:30 Dinner at rest. Espa (Pohjoisesplanadi 17)
Friday 7th
9:30 Coffee/tea + sandwiches
9:45 Introduction to Day 2 
10:15–11:15 Group discussion (Ellen and Signe cabinets) 
11:30–12:45 Final plenary session: report from each group 
13:00 Lunch