Awarded grants

CfAR awarded grants fall 2019

Satu Olkkonen: The mounting of a music theatre production in Helsinki 

Tuula Närhinen: Transport costs for artwork for the EARN network conference in Leeds, UK
Lynda Gadreau: for an AR project in theatre 

Kirsi Heimonen: for video documentation
Luis Guerra: for a publication 
Tero Heikkinen: for a workshop presentation at the EARN network conference in Leeds, UK
Marika Orenius: for video installation production at Mediaboxi at Forum Box gallery, Helsinki 
Alejandro Olarte: for a collaborative concert/recording project with doctoral students at the Lithuanian Academy
Esa Kirkkopelto: for language revision for a book translation proposal

Pekka Kantonen: for a long-term internet project 

Otso Lähdeoja: for a collaborative musical performance project
Jyrki Siukonen: for speaking in David Smith: Dialogues in Wakefield, UK 

Cecilia Oinas: for a collaborative AR project in Kaija Saariaho songs

CfAR awarded grants spring 2019

The Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR) awards grants to postdoctoral researchers for artistic productions that are a part of their research or for dissemination of their work in the field of Artistic Research. The spring 2019 application period was open to all staff members of Uniarts Helsinki and salaried/visiting postdoctoral researchers. The decisions regarding the grants are made by CfARs Steering Group, that consists of members from each Academy in the Uniarts Helsinki. 

By the deadline 28.2.2019 CfAR received 14 applications with the sum total applied funds of 37 029 euro. CfARs Steering group selected 10 applications. The total sum awarded grants is 11 075 euro. 

Awared grants: 

Esa Kirkkopelto: Participation (paper) in the SAR conference in Zürich, 1 100 €
Elina Saloranta: Translation costs, postdoctoral research "Correspondence with the past", 980 €
David Kerr: Curatorial project NO TRUE SELF (presentation and research of the work of Artor Jesus Inkerö), 700 €
Davide Giovanzana: Participation in SAR conference in Zürich, 500 €
Pekka Kantonen: Organizing a panel at the Symposium of the Anthropology and the Arts EASA Network, ANTART, 350 €
Mari Martin: Work in Ajauksia artist group and Disruptive Processes (DP) research cell at Research Pavilion #3, Venice, 1 445 €
Paula Kramer: Artist book based on postdoctoral research, 2 000 €
Denise Ziegler: two experimental interventional works: Hard – Go! (working title, video, 2019) and Door Closes (working title, sculptural interven- tion, 2019), 1 000 €
Pilvi Porkola: Performance lecture, Vuosi professorina/A Year as a Professor, 1 000 €
Elisa Järvi: Approaching a new kind of acoustic Quarter-Tone Piano, 2 000 €


CfAR awarded grants fall 2018

CfAR´s Steering group meet 23.10.2018 and decided on the grants for fall 2018.
7 applications were received by deadline for the total amount of 19,717 euro. The total sum awarded grants was 7 538 euro.

5 applications were selected:

Denis Ziegler (Prototyyppi harkintaan – jatkuva prototyyppi julkisen tilan kehityksen mahdollisuutena): 1 000 euro
Jyrki Siukonen (Dissemination and publishing): 2 522 euro
Esa Kirkkopelto (Logomimesis. A Theory of the Performing Body): 1 300 euro
Pekka Kantonen (Conversations about indigenous knowledge in museums): 1 200 euro
Otso Lähdeoja (Choir – pilot for a large-scale installation): 1 516 euro