Call for applications concerning Short-term Academy Projects in Artistic Research

Call for applications concerning Short-term Academy Projects in Artistic Research

Deadline 31 May 2018

This call is addressed to the researching staff-members at Uniarts Helsinki and the postdoctoral researchers working at or affiliated to Uniarts Helsinki. The aim for the funding is to create new academy-based research projects including one senior staff member and one postdoctoral researcher.

At the first stage, one research project will be funded with total of 12 months full-funded research time. Working hours will be allocated for the senior and postdoctoral researcher according the project’s research plan for 2 persons (minimum 3 months for staff member and minimum of 6 months for postdoctoral researcher). Should working months and salary be allocated to a senior researcher employed by the university, she or he is expected to have a research period for the time in question. The aim is to enable a full-time research period within the project.

The call is meant to 1) help in creating new research; 2) reinforce the research-based development of the Academies; 3) enhance cooperation between the Academies and CfAR. The funding is particularly suitable for creating substantial collective research that has the potential to apply for external funding.

CfAR funding only covers the salaries of the researchers and any additional costs for carrying out the project is expected to be funded with other financial support. The salary is founded on employee’s current salary or is determined in accordance with the university salary system.

The project should start in September 2018 and end within 12 months. At the end of the project, the researchers are expected to report the results for the CfAR. In addition, the project members are expected to report all publications or activities for the Uniarts as instructed by the university.

The projects are selected according to the following criteria:

  • Focus on artistic research
  • Creation of new research
  • Connection to the Academy
  • Project planning
  • CV and publications
  • Planned publication
  • Clarity of the application

In addition, following criteria will be considered when assessing research proposals:

  • Development of artist / research education
  • Cooperation with the other Profile Centres
  • Potential national and international networks
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Cross-Artistic cooperation
  • Societal significance

Applicants are requested to enclose with their applications (in English, max 15 pages altogether, font size 12) the following documents (please compile all documents as a single PDF file):

  • A one-page motivation letter;
  • a project description including the schedule and an account of the allocation of research time among the project members;
  • the CVs of the applicants;
  • an account of the most important publications and artistic (research) work of the applicants

Please submit your application, as one pdf-file, to the Registry of the University kirjaamo(at) by Thursday, 31 May 2018.

The applications are assessed by the steering board of the CfAR, including profs. Mieko Kanno, Kristiina Ilmonen, Mika Elo, Leena Rouhiainen and Esa Kirkkopelto (chair). The decision will be announced during the week 25 / by 22.6.2018 at the latest.

In all queries, please contact: esa.kirkkopelto(AT)