Cfar in action

CfAR in action

CfAR hosts a number of research programs annually, so that researchers gain a seasonal rhythm for them. We build a research framework with programs and measures. Existing programs are:
• PDA (Post Doc Art) events. These open research events are held every 6 weeks throughout the year. Each event features a particular topic or project, often involving a guest presenter. The PDA events are characterized by a lively interaction between the active and passive participants.
• Short-Term Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher program. This is a seedcorn funding for younger post-doc researchers in AR. In the first call earlier 2018, we received 57 applications for 4 places, from all over Europe, with specialisms spread across all the three Academies. 
• Artistic Production Support & Dissemination Funding program. This is a grant scheme to assist research output and dissemination. The call is made twice a year, in February and September.
• Academy-based ‘Research Leave’ Fellowship program. The principal idea is to ‘buy out’ the teaching hours of staff members at a Academy within Uniarts Helsinki in cooperation with a postdoctoral researcher to work on a project.
• Visiting Researcher program.  This provides opportunities for external artistic researchers with projects to become involved in CfAR. 
With regards to measures for implementing a research framework, CfAR focuses on: (a) project mentoring at post-doc and collegial levels; (b) increasing research exposure, through promotion of collaborative outputs and co-authorship between colleagues, colleague and post-doc, and with doctoral students where appropriate; (c) strengthening research environment, through mobilizing post-docs to network and expand shared research activities.