Centre for Artistic Research

CfAR – the Centre for Artistic Research – is a profiled research centre at the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki). Its principal aim is to develop and support activities in Artistic Research (AR) at the postdoctoral level, both in the Academies (Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy) and in the Uniarts Helsinki as a whole.
CfAR was created in order to form a community where artistic practice and practitioners, research and researchers can interact in varied and fruitful ways. It gathers all postdoctoral artist-researchers, whether they work in professional fields outside universities or within them, by contract or as visiting researchers, with or without external funding, in Finland or abroad.  The staff members at Uniarts Helsinki who have a degree in the arts or conduct artistic research are automatically part of the CfAR community regardless of their unit or cycle. In addition, CfAR is open to other researchers interested in the study of artistic practices and processes who may benefit from artistic interaction and collaboration with artists and artist-researchers.
Introduction to Uniarts’ research as a whole, including AR, other types of research, and doctoral research: Uniarts Helsinki research
CfAR maintains the Portal for artistic research activities in Finland, which gathers information about artistic research in this part of the world.
AR is one of the three profiled/featured research areas at Uniarts. Each area has a centre within the Uniarts Helsinki Research Hub. The other two centres are Taideyliopiston historiafoorumi (HiFo) - Uniarts Helsinki's History Forum - and Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts (CERADA). There are strong links between the three, and we complement each other. We collectively form the Research Hub to showcase all the research activities at Uniarts.

null Taidehautomo: call for participants per 7.1.2020

Taidehautomo: call for participants

Craftsmanship in the Ecology of Knowledge Production

Two-day workshop for researchers in art, art research, and artistic research

Venue: Sofia Future Farm (Sofiankatu 4C, 00170 Helsinki)

Date: 6-7 February 2020

Thu 6.2.2020, Workshop 9:30-17:00 and Dinner 17:15-

Fri 7.2.2020, Workshop 9:30-16:00

Organized by the Centre for Artistic Research  


Following the successful first instalment of Art Incubation (Taidehautomo) event last August at Lauttasaari Manor, CfAR at Uniarts Helsinki organises a second instalment of the event for February 2020.

The two-day workshop aims to bring together postdoc, mid-career, and senior researchers from Finnish universities to explore possibilities of collaboration in the fields of art, art research, and artistic research. We also welcome researchers from outside the arts, for whom the idea of art-making is of particular interest.

For this edition of Art Incubation (Taidehautomo), we focus on the role and place of craftsmanship in research as knowledge production. The topic arises from the observation that craftsmanship is often a ‘given’ in the cultural discourse. We are interested in craftsmanship (a) in the context of research in the arts, as well as (b) within the dynamics of knowledge production. Questions may include (but are not limited to):

  • How does craftsmanship participate in the varied stages of knowledge production including the research design, implementation, and dissemination?               
  • What is the liminal space between art and craft in the context of knowledge production?
  • What kind of craftsmanship do we look for in different research fields?


The workshop will consist of presentations, small-group workshop sessions, where the points of contact between the participants will be closely worked on, and general discussion. The participating researchers will gain an updated view of the research done at the other universities and a foundation for future collaboration between themselves, for example in the form of research networks, joint seminars, research papers, projects, grant applications, and other possible forms of collaboration, where the interests of the participating researchers meet.

The first day (Thursday) will run from 9.30 to 17.00, followed by a dinner and the second (Friday) from 9.30. to 16.00. Refreshments, meals, and the dinner are all provided by Uniarts at no extra costs.

The workshop is open to researchers with a doctoral degree and it is free for all participants. The languages of the workshop are English and Finnish.

Researchers interested in taking part in the workshop should express their interest by filling out this electronic form by 7 January 2020.

Please give some background information of yourself, as well as specify your interests in taking part in the event (in either Finnish or English). The confirmation of registration will be sent out by the 21 January 2020.

A more specific programme of the event will be set on the basis of the information submitted by the applicants, and sent out to the confirmed participants closer to the event. 

Looking forward to seeing you in February!


Planning team

Mieko Kanno mieko.kanno(AT)

Tero Nauha tero.nauha(AT)

Denise Ziegler denise.ziegler(AT)



Michaela Bränn Michaela.brann(AT)