null PDA event 16.10.2019: Silences and Noises: about the conditions of collaboration in artistic research

Welcome to the post-doc gathering organised by Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR) at Uniarts Helsinki on Wednesday 16.10.2019 at 15:00–18 at the Theatre Academy, Room 535, Staircase C (Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki).

This collaboration of artistic research has its origin in praxis, since instead of talking, we – the Silence Ensemble – started to explore the notion of silence through moving, playing, and drawing/videoing. Various views and ways of speaking about silence and artistic research have emerged and intersected through years, and new practical forms of collaboration and conceptual findings have evolved that we will open. Instead of merging with specific common approach, the distinct nature of each member of the ensemble has emerged, and some openings of the pathways taken by each member of the ensemble will be introduced. 

Some conditions of carrying out research like issues related to profit responsibility, pressure to produce faster and more, as well as competition have become focal issues in our sessions and will be taken into common discussion. Instead of offering answers about how to carry out collaborative artistic research, we invite you to discuss and vision together. Or just to breathe, listen and to get know some colleagues.

Refreshments will be provided – Welcome!

SILENCE ENSEMBLE: dancer Kirsi Heimonen, artist in fine arts Petri Kaverma and pianist Anu Vehviläinen