null CfAR grants for postdoctoral researchers’ productions & research dissemination

The Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR) at Uniarts Helsinki has awarded its fall 2019 grants to postdoctoral researchers for artistic productions that are a part of their research or for dissemination of their work in the field of Artistic Research. 
Satu Olkkonen: The mounting of a music theatre production in Helsinki 
Tuula Närhinen: Transport costs for artwork for the EARN network conference in Leeds, UK
Lynda Gadreau: for an AR project in theatre 
Kirsi Heimonen: for video documentation
Luis Guerra: for a publication 
Tero Heikkinen: for a workshop presentation at the EARN network conference in Leeds, UK
Marika Orenius: for video installation production at Mediaboxi at Forum Box gallery, Helsinki 
Alejandro Olarte: for a collaborative concert/recording project with doctoral students at the Lithuanian Academy
Esa Kirkkopelto: for language revision for a book translation proposal
Pekka Kantonen: for a long-term internet project 
Otso Lähdeoja: for a collaborative musical performance project
Jyrki Siukonen: for speaking in David Smith: Dialogues in Wakefield, UK 
Cecilia Oinas: for a collaborative AR project in Kaija Saariaho songs