Venue: Auditorium 1, Theatre Academy, Uniarts Helsinki (Haapaniemenkatu 6)

The Center for Artistic Research CfAR presents

A Post Doc Art Event exploring translation in, between, and beyond artistic disciplines and media

15:00-16:00 Translating Digitally: Language/Code/Medium
45 min. presentation + 15 min. Q&A
N. Katherine Hayles
Distinguished Research Professor of English
University of California, Los Angeles

Digital technologies have opened the field of translation studies far beyond its traditional purview, offering avenues of investigation that intersect with computer programming, code play, and artificial intelligence, among others. This talk will explore some of these strategies through a broad understanding of “translation” as a process of finding equivalences amid radical differences through creative interpretation. Three case studies will be explored. In the first, the vocabulary of related works changes completely but the code structure remains the same. In the second, the store of words remains constant but its presentation through code ranges radically. In the third, translation in a traditional sense is offered as an option, but the primary interest is on evolving poetic language through the intervention of artificial intelligence. In addition, a translation into a different medium raises profound questions about the processual nature of code versus the material resource of the codex. The talk will conclude with some comments about machine translation.
16:00-16:30 Version and Per-Version: Acts of Creative Translations in Compositional Practices
15 min. presentation + 15 min. Q&A
Kirsi Monni
Professor of Choreography
Theater Academy, Uniarts Helsinki
In this commentary talk, I will describe how the concept of translation has become a form of artistic collaboration and a compositional method within choreography studies in recent years and which philosophical references are resonating underneath.
16:30-16:45: BREAK
16:45-17:30 “He went like that, like a fist when you open your hand” 
30 min. presentation with video work + 15 min. Q&A
Mika Elo
Professor of Artistic Research
Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki 
When an artwork is prepared, studied, discussed, evaluated or experienced with regard to a research context, its epistemic potential becomes an issue. At the core of the kind of activities that we tend to call "artistic research", we can find gestures that weigh the ways in which this potential could be redeemed. Today, these gestures are often discussed in terms of "expositionality" and "translation". My presentation aims at demonstrating how and why these gestures of exposing and translating deal – perhaps even necessarily – with delicate nuances, just as any translation.
17:30-18:15 Sound Theatre and New Instrument Prototypes
30 min. presentation with performance + 15 min. Q&A
Andrew Bentley
Professor of Music Technology
Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki
Fortunately I found myself in an interesting place; unfortunately it was rather far from what my audience thinks is music. Ambiguity and contradiction are two words that, while unacceptable to science, can be helpful when framing artistic research. For 18 years, I have been making works of sound theatre situated somewhere on an axis between electronic improvisation—a branch of sound art—and performance art. I see what they occupy as a synthesis, but audiences might experience it as a language void. For me, the process of taking them towards ‘somewhere else’ is an exercise of transportation, against a resistance generated by the pole that they are heading towards. These works could be defined by what I hold sacred (affirmation), or what I am least willing to sacrifice to compromise (negation). I will attempt to illustrate these ideas in the context of a new prototype.
18:15-19:00 Panel discussion with presenters, open to questions from audience
“He went like that, like a fist when you open your hand”