Center for Artistic Research

CfAR Staff 

Mieko Kanno, Director, CfAR

Michaela Bränn, Coordinator, CfAR

Paula Kramer, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR 

Tero Heikkinen, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR

Jenni Lättilä, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR, 2019-2020 

Elina Saloranta, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR, 2019-2020

Luis Rene Guerra Mirand, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR, 2019-2020 

Jana Unmüßig, Postdoctoral researcher, CfAR, 2019-2020

Jyrki Siukonen, Visiting researcher 2018-2021, CfAR

Satu Olkkonen, Visiting researcher 2018-2021, CfAR

Pekka Kantonen, Visiting researcher 2019-2020, CfAR

Mari Martin, Visiting researcher 2019-2020, CfAR

David Kerr, Visiting Researcher 2019-2020, CfAR

Özgü Gündeşlioğlu, Visiting researcher 2020-2021, CfAR

Elina Saloranta, Visiting researcher 2020-2021, CfAR

Sascha Mäkilä, Visiting researcher 2020-2021, CfAR

Juho Laitinen, Visiting researcher 2020-2021, CfAR

CfAR Steering group (15.12.2016 - 31.7.2020)

Mieko Kanno, Professor, Sibelius Academy

Mika Elo, Professor, Academy of Fine Arts

Leena Rouhiainen, Professor, Theatre Academy 

Kristiina Ilmonen, Professor, Sibelius Academy 

Michaela Bränn, Specialist, Research and Publication services


CfAR Academy-based Artistic Research Project 2019-2020:
Phenomenological explorations in artistic research through cases of breath, air and atmosphere focused performance and choreography

Kirsi Heimonen 10/2019-8/2020 and Leena Rouhiainen 4-6/2020

CfAR Academy-based Artistic Research Project 2018-2019:

Silence, Practicing and Transformation Processes 
The Silence Ensemble: Kirsi HeimonenPetri Kaverma and Anu Vehviläinen 

Postdoctoral researchers, four-month fixed-term positions during 2018: 

Pekka Kantonen
Tanja Tiekso
Mari Martin
Dimitris Papageorgiou

Postdoctoral researchers during academic year 2016–2017:

Jyrki Siukonen
Kirsi Heimonen
Paula Kramer