Uniarts History Forum

Uniarts Helsinki's History Forum

Uniarts Helsinki's History Forum is one of the research profile areas defined in the strategy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, or Uniarts Helsinki (2017 to 2020). It promotes the research of the history of music, in particular, but also of other arts. It also supports networking between researchers working in the field both in Finland and internationally, and helps their integration into the field of historical research.

One of the Forum’s key tasks is to strengthen methodological competences in historical research and to provide information about current research practices and new ways of utilising sources in the research of historical topics. The Forum is also an inspiring community for scholars and teams in the planning stage of research projects. The Forum always hosts researchers working with funding from the Forum itself, but it also functions as a hub that connects Uniarts Helsinki’s research and artistic staff and project researchers supported by external funding.

Examples of Uniarts Helsinki's History Forum’s activities:

  • Thursday forums approximately once a month, with Finnish and international experts as keynote speakers. Thursday forums also include a seminar open to doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers of history.
  • A series of opera lectures and a seminar, in collaboration with the doctoral school DocMus.
  • Training events related to the skills required by historical research e.g. databases, old handwriting styles)
  • Coordinating the teaching of historical research.
  • The Forum keeps an email list for sending out information about conferences, lectures, grants, public defences of doctoral theses, and publications related to history research. 

Networking, a collegial feeling and agile operations are the Forum’s key characteristics: the Forum strives to offer resources, training, guest speakers and lecturers requested by its members.

Professor Anne Kauppala (head of the research center) and a team of experts plan and guide the activities. Team members:

Anne Kauppala, chair of team 

Kaarina Kilpiö

Vesa Kurkela

Markus Mantere, vice chair of team

Saijaleena Rantanen

Johanna Rauhaniemi, coordinator


null The Music History Reading Circuit will continue on 16.1.2020

The Music History Reading Circuit will continue on Spring 2020. The meetings will take place in the small meeting room (S4107) of the Helsinki Music Centre from 10 am until 11.30 am.

The book for Reading Circuit is: The Oxford Handbook of the New Cultural History of Music (ed. Jane F. Fulcher, 2011).

16.1.2020 Jacqueline Waeber: Yvette Guilbert and the Revaluation of the Chanson Populaire and Chanson Ancienne during the Third Republic, 1889–1914

13.2.2020 Andy Fry: Remembrance of Jazz Past – Sidney Bechet in France

12.3.2020 Edward Muir: An Evening at the Opera in Seventeenth Century Venice

16.4.2020 Philip V. Bohlman: Translating Herder Translating – Cultural Translation and the Making of Modernity

14.5.2020 Leon Botstein: The Eye of the Needle – Music as History after the Age of Recording

The meetings will take place on the same days as the Thursday Forum afternoon seminars.
More information: nuppu.koivisto@uniarts.fi, tel. 050 477 9213.