Academy of Fine Arts



The Academy of Fine Arts supports its students’ independent work, international and national networking and artistic activities. You can read more about students’ work facilities here.

Grants of the Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts awards grants for study-related purposes. There are different types of grants: a material grant which is meant for independent artistic work, a thesis grant which is meant for the completion of the artistic part of master’s thesis projects, as well as a general Academy of Fine Arts grant.

International mobility

A portion of fine arts studies can be completed during an exchange semester at partner universities around the world (most of them in Europe via an Erasmus exchange), or students can take individual courses at art universities within the KUNO network.


Academy of Fine Arts students can apply for the academy’s traineeship grant for a traineeship within the art sector (3rd or 4th year bachelor-level students and 1st or 2nd year master-level students). The application period is during the spring term. Students may also choose to apply for an Erasmus grant for a traineeship that is completed in Europe.

Residence programmes

Academy of Fine Arts students have the chance to apply for the Academy's residency in Berlin during their studies. Additionally, there is a residency in New York that alumni can apply for and a residency in Utö via the Student Union.