Arts Management at Sibelius Summer Academy 11.-14.8.2020

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Four days international course of lectures, practical work and discussions


This year the Arts Management programme is organising its first edition of the summer course. Due to the coronavirus epidemic the course is held completely online. Our aim is to cover four different thematic fields in arts management in order to present the current issues in these fields, but also to search the interest and the focus of the target audience. The programme of the next editions will be tailor-made with more focus on individual thematic issues, based on the needs of our students and the target audience. 

The programme has been planned to increase participants’ knowledge and skills on how to link art, society and entrepreneurship and how to emphasize the importance of cooperation and networking in the art field. We are also dedicated to addressing the cross-cutting issues of sustainability, ecology and digitalisation. 

We are offering high quality tuition from teachers and experts from Europe and Canada. This year our 30 participants are scattered all around the globe, including university students as well as researchers and experienced professionals in the cultural field. 

The programme’s structure consists of four different topics over the course of four days. The sessions will include lecturing as well as discussions and practical assignments.


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Practical details



The students can get three credits if they attend all four days of Sibelius Summer Academy. There is no other option to get credits.



Application period: 2nd of March - 2nd of June 2020

The maximum number of participants per course is 30. The first 30 applicants will be accepted only. 

NOTE! The maximum amount of participants has already been reached. 

Course fee

  • The fee for all four days is 100 Euro
  • One-day fee is 40 Euro
  • Payment: all participant will get the information about the payment after the application period ends.
  • The course is free of charge for Arts Management degree students of University of the Arts, registered as 'attending' or the academic year 2019-2020 including Doctoral degree students. They are, however, required to enrol through the same application form as everyone else.


Online platforms

The lectures will be carried out in Zoom collaboration platform.

Course programme


Tuesday, 11.08.2020 

New models of cultural practices, institutions and policies – Arts and wellbeing 
Dr. Franco Bianchini (Italy)
Dr. Lynn Frogget (UK) 

Wednesday, 12.08.2020 

Arts entrepreneurship and digitalization 
Dr. Lidia Varbanova (Bulgaria/Canada) 


Thursday 13.08.2020 

Trade of cultural narratives – Exporting culture, telling local stories, branding places 
Dr. Toni-Matti Karjalainen (Finland) 

Friday 14.08.2020

“From idea to realization”– Project conception, cooperation and networking (EU findings) 

Dr. Violeta Simjanovska (North Macedonia/Finland) 
Dr. Sue Kay (UK/France)


Target groups

  • Masters and PhD students
  • Artists
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Cultural operators and professionals
  • Representatives from international organizations and Institutes of Culture
  • Anyone interested in this topic

Contact persons

Maija Kühn

Pauli Raitakari 


Coordinating Teacher
Violeta Simjanovska 
Head of Arts Management Department in Sibelius Academy