Smart practising

Lectures by Erja Joukamo-Ampuja


These videos by Sibelius Academy lecturer Erja Joukamo-Ampuja include ideas of planning practising, preventing injuries, technical practising, help for artistic approach of performing and exercises for preparing auditions and exams under pressure.

Video 1: How to plan your practising?

What do you need to know from recovering? How can you prevent injuries? How you will be able to time your “strongest day” to be the audition day?


Video 2: How do goals help your motivation?

What to do if you can't concentrate well while practising? How can you bring more fun into your practising? What helps you to focus more on music and phrasing while performing? How to learn things faster?


Video 3: Preparing for an audition - the mental state

What to take into consideration in your practicing while preparing for an audition or an exam? Mental exercises about using positive experiences when preparing for the audition.