Theatre of Voices 19th 24th August 2019



One of the world’s foremost vocal groups, Theatre of Voices will visit the Sibelius Summer Academy in August 2019. The ensemble will teach at the Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki from 19th until 24th August 2019.
Theatre of Voices was established by Paul Hillier in 1990 in the UK. It now has its permanent base in Copenhagen, Denmark. The following members of Theatre of Voices will be in Helsinki in August 2019:

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The ensemble is known for its extensive repertoire of contemporary music, often juxtaposed with early music. Its programmes feature many of the most eminent composers of recent times, including Kaija Saariaho, Heiner Goebbels, Berio, Pärt, Reich, Cage, Gudmundsen-Holmgreen and Stockhausen, while among its current favourite ‘early’ composers are Perotin, Dowland and Buxtehude. 
During the Sibelius Summer Academy course students will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform classical a cappella ensemble repertoire, ranging from medieval to contemporary music. The Theatre of Voices course at the Sibelius Summer Academy is open to vocal ensembles and individuals both from within the Sibelius Academy and from outside­­. 

Join the concluding concert on August 24th 2019

Course description by Paul Hillier

We want these workshops to be made to measure, so that they suit your choices of repertoire, but also to some extent combine our own (TOV) material, so that from both directions we are working from what is known towards what is unknown. Before we can do that in detail however, we need to know more about you.

Singers attending the workshop as individuals should write a description of their musical experiences and describe the kinds of music they are most interested in working on. Once all applications have been received, I will consider how best to combine you into performing groups, and this may well include working in a group along with my TOV singers. I will also choose music to work on that takes account of your stated preferences and those of the TOV singers.

Groups of singers attending as a fixed ensemble (whether existing already or coming together for the first time) are asked to describe their collective experiences and main interests (as a group) and to send a list of repertoire they would like to work on. This may include pieces that you have already performed, but should also include some newer repertoire about which the interpretation is not yet fully formed.

There will also be some pieces in which everybody can be involved, but these too will be selected once I know more about who you are.

We intend that all groups will have individual tuition each day, and that everyone will participate in the final concert. Other topics, (programme planning, repertoire, rehearsal techniques, audience communication, the music profession as a business, etc.,) will also be addressed. We do not plan to give individual singing lessons, but any aspect of performance (including vocal technique) can be part of the work, provided it is of relevance and interest to the others.

Paul Hillier