null The Finnish model of promoting children and young people’s opportunities to engage in recreational activities is being implemented!

Today, the working group preparing the model submitted a proposal for the Finnish model to Hanna Kosonen, Minister of Science and Culture. EUR 10 million has been reserved for the Finnish model of recreational activities this year. Starting from next year, the amount of EUR 14.5 million has been allocated to the model annually in the spending limits.

The first-stage proposal states that the model’s main objective is to promote the wellbeing of children and young people.

"The idea is to enable each child and young person’s participation in enjoyable and free recreational activities in connection with the school day: as a rule, before or after school. The Finnish model combines hearing children and young people about their preferred activities, coordination of existing good practices and operating models, and cooperation between the school and parties organising recreational activities.“

The Finnish Observatory for Arts and Cultural Education has actively emphasised that, when successful, the national model for recreational activities can be crucial for children and young people’s wellbeing. In its positions, the Observatory has highlighted the importance of equal opportunities for pursuing hobbies, enjoyable and child-centred recreational activities, and the pedagogical quality of the activities. Among other things, the Observatory has proposed that all children should be guaranteed equal opportunities for participation in recreational activities as part of the school day, giving them the possibility to familiarise themselves with different types of hobbies and find ones that are suitable and interesting for them in such areas as arts and physical activity.