null Global visions at MISTEC in Prague

In all eight Global visions researchers made presentations of different kinds and in various

formats at the ISME pre-conference Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC) in Prague, July 8-12: Alexis Kallio, Amira Ehrlich, Danielle Treacy, Heidi Westerlund, Iman Shah, Naomi Perl, Sidsel Karlsen and Vilma Timonen. Over 100 music teachers and music teacher educators participated in this conference. Through a five-hour long session the research project was explained both in its full breadth, and through reports from sub-projects. There was also a panel on the institutional perspectives related to intercultural collaboration, and a workshop where all the MISTEC participants reflected on development of intercultural competences in music teacher education. The project PIs had prepared a reflection sheet for the workshop participants, which will be used as data in the project later on.