Global Visions

Global Visions Through Mobilizing Networks: Co-Developing Intercultural Music Teacher Education in Finland, Israel and Nepal

The “Global Visions Through Mobilizing Networks” research project, coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy in Finland, seeks to co-develop intercultural music teacher education by engaging three different institutions, and their respective music teacher educators and researchers, in processes of collaborative and research-based learning. The three institutions involved are the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, the Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv and the Nepal Music Center in Kathmandu. The ultimate aim is to envision programmes of music teacher education which will equip students with the necessary skills and understandings to work within increasingly diverse environments. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland during the years 2015-2020. The funding was initially granted for 2015-2019 and later extended to December 2020.

null ISME South Asia regional conference expands ISME’s international community

Danielle S. Treacy, Chair of the Scientific Committee at ISME South Asia Regional Conference and Doctoral Researcher at University of the Arts Helsinki, is the author of ISME's December 2019 blog post. She writes about the 2nd ISME South Asia regional conference, its challenges and its importance to local music educators. You can read the full post at ISME's website.