Studying and having a life

Studying and having a life

Your personality and characteristics influence how you settle into your study environment and how you deal with the things and people you encounter there.

Sometimes it can be useful to stop and think about yourself, for instance in these terms:

Are you           

  • slow or fast? Do you like to do things immediately or with due consideration?
  • analytical or holistic? Do you collect details to build up an overview, or do you quickly sketch an overview and then drill down into details?
  • someone who is immediately excited by new things or someone who takes time to take things on board?
  • someone who finds it easy to make contact with strangers or someone who is tense about meeting new people?
  • an emotion-driven person or a reason-driven person?
  • someone who prefers to put thoughts into words or someone who finds it difficult to express themselves in words?

Sometimes it is easy to find the answer to such questions, but sometimes it can help just to ask the question. All of us have different attitudes to things, to people and to experiences, and we must respect that. All of us have our own preferences and practices.  

There is no point in copying someone else’s way of living their life, but you can learn from it. And others can learn from you.