A university is not a school

A university is not a school

Are you aware that the purpose of Uniarts Helsinki is to produce new information and new art?

Did you know that you can influence university teaching?

These questions illustrate how a university differs from a school.

Uniarts Helsinki is an independent, multi-discipline artistic and scientific community operating in the fields of visual art, music, theatre and dance. 

Uniarts Helsinki provides university-level tuition in the arts and engages in research and artistic activities.
Uniarts Helsinki nurtures the freedom and traditions of the arts and of scientific research. Uniarts Helsinki is
in interaction with society at large and with the arts community; its role is to challenge existing ways of thinking and operating.

Uniarts Helsinki consists of three schools: the Sibelius Academy, the Theatre Academy and the Fine Arts Academy. They are independent units each managing their own tuition, research and artistic activities.

Students are members of the university community along with teachers and administrative personnel. All members of the community are equally entitled to participate in important decisions. There are student members on the university board, the academic council of the Sibelius Academy and the department councils, participating in decision-making on operations, funding, appointments, curricula, and so on.

Students can also influence the content of teaching. The simplest way to do this is to give feedback when asked for, and even if not asked for. Feedback is collected on all courses, but feedback can also be given in various surveys and by taking part in student body activities and in your department club. Instead of disparaging comments (this was a terrible course), include improvement suggestions in your feedback (the course did not work because… perhaps next time the teacher could…). Feedback can be given immediately and of course it can also be positive.

Studying at a university is about learning and studying alone and with others through thinking, exercises, discussions and opinion-forming. Your duty is to discuss, to debate, to argue your point and to be able to justify your views. Even the most senior professors are just human beings who were once where you are now. At a university, it is possible to have a conversation with anyone, or at least to clarify things through conversation. Indeed, it is the duty of students to ask questions whenever they do not understand something. Students have the right to be ignorant.

At Uniarts Helsinki, you can expand your competence in various branches of the arts. Be curious and open to influences. Include meaningful experiences in your study path. You have access to most Uniarts Helsinki events free of charge with your student card.