null Opening week continues with engaging program

The Research Pavilion opened its doors Wednesday May 10 with a party at the Sala del Camino venue in Venice’s Giudecca island. The opening week continues with the Pavilion’s inaugural exhibition, You Gotta Say Yes to Another Access, together with several Camino Events.

The week continues with the following events:

11.5.2017 at 14-16.30

Microhistories is a project and anthology that will be hosted by Magnus Bärtås (Konstfack) and presented together with lectures by artist/PhD candidate Behzad Khosravi Noori (also in the inaugural exhibition) and curator and theoretician Suzana Milevska. The presentation includes a screening of a work by Iranian filmmaker Pirooz Kalantari.

Organised by Konstfack.


12.5.2017 at 11.30-13.15
Encounters in Virtual (Display) Environments

When institutions digitize their exhibitions, should also analogue conventions be (re)produced? How do agreements and tacit rules translate into replication of (gallery) spaces, online (re)presentation of artworks, and (simulated) autonomy of access?

While approaching Google Arts & Culture from singular methodologies, Mireia c. Saladrigues and Mario Santamaría revolve around the (potential and non-potential) pitfalls, gaps, and epistemologies of encountering art in virtual environments. Saladirgues is also artist in the inaugural exhibition. Special guest Franco Bifo Scepsi Berardi.

Organised by Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts


12.5.2017 at 13.30-16
Future Stages/Stage Futures

The two-hour presentations & discussion session is proposed as a critical amplification of Vincent Roumagnac's artistic research project 'Backdrop' shown in the exhibition You Gotta Say Yes to Another Access. It is generated from the interest to diffract the research focus on expanded theatre and time ecology by discussing assumptions, perspectives and prototypes on the theme of 'Future Stages/Stage Futures', under the umbrella-topic of the Research Pavilion 'The Utopia of Access' and on the intersection of artistic research, performing arts, philosophy and architecture. The session will consist of two presentations and one collective exercise followed by an open discussion. By Vincent Roumagnac, Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou and Esa Kirkkopelto.

Organised by Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy.


12.5.2017 at 16 - 18
Book Launch: "The Wind Tunnel Model" and "Too Big To Scale"

Two new books are presented, fresh from the press:

Florian Dombois (ed.): "The Wind Tunnel Model. Transdisciplinary Encounters". Zurich: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2017 –

Florian Dombois, Julie Harboe (eds.): "Too Big To Scale. On Scaling Space, Numbers, Time and Energy". Zurich: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2017 –

Selected authors read from their chapter and discuss issues of art, research, wind, models and scale: Florian Dombois, Isabel Mundry, Martin Burr, Haseeb Ahmed, Julie Harboe, Kaspar König and Reinhard Wendler. The event is moderated by Andrea Curtoni, Florian Dombois and Giulia Mazzorin.

Organised by Zurich University of the Arts/Florian Dombois.


13.5.2017 at 13-15 (ongoing videoloop)
The Pen is mightier than the Word

The Pen is mightier than the word is a video work about artificial intelligence, research, Sci-Hub and Open Access publishing of research.

Organised by Norwegian Academy of Music.


13.5.2017 at 21
Conception by Sami van Ingen

This unhinged and precarious spectacle is re-orchestration of a “cinematic event” and “the narrative” with the help of strips of found footage film and by using deconstructed elements of the cinematic projection process. This assemblage is combined with some live micro camera feed, which will slowly unravel itself.

Organised by Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts.


14.5.2017 at 12-13 and 15-17.30
Open Access - in and through Desire and Touch

Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm presents artistic research projects providing entries into wider notions of open access. Writer and researcher Mara Lee elaborates on ways to imagine agency and accountability through the inscription of desire. PhD candidate Emanuel Almborg screens "Talking Hands", a film about pedagogy at the Zagorsk school for deaf-blind children, and PhD candidate Maria Chehonadskih lectures on communist individuation in Soviet Marxism and beyond.

Organised by Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.


The Research Pavilion is open Tue-Sun 10am–6pm (May 11th - October 15th).

The Pavilion is closed for take-down and set-up between 3 and 7 July, 14 and 16 August, and 28 August and 7 September 2017.

Find the Pavilion at:

Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo
Giudecca, 621 Venice
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Vaporetto stop: Palanca