Uniarts Helsinki

The University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) provides the highest level of education in music, fine arts, and the performing arts in Finland. Uniarts Helsinki is an internationally appealing meeting place for art, education, and research.

Uniarts Helsinki carries out acclaimed academic and artistic research that has societal impact. The special nature of the research carried out at the university is based on direct and rich interaction between research and art.

Uniarts Helsinki invests in research particularly within its three profile areas, which are music history, artistic research and arts education. Researchers and doctoral trainees from different fields form an internationally unique research community that works together with a global network.

International cooperation is an integral part of the university’s functions as a means to guarantee a high level of education and research and to convene the best teachers and students from all over the world.

Our faculty consists of international artists, educators, and researchers with a high level of expertise.

With its 2,100 students, Uniarts Helsinki is an international community that values courage, pluralism, and equality. The university employs both full-time and part-time personnel; their combined work input is the equivalent of approximately 600 full-time employees.



Konstex is a national network including all Swedish higher education institutions that have the right to award artistic degrees. From within Konstex five Institutes participate in the Research Pavilion:

The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg offers first, second and third cycle (doctoral) education and also conducts research and artistic development work within disciplines such as: Independent Filmmaking, Photography, Music, Drama, Design, Crafts, Fine Arts and Literary Composition.

The Faculty of  Fine and Performing Arts at the University of Lund offers first, second and third cycle (doctoral) education and also conducts research and artistic development work within disciplines such as: Music, Fine Art and Theatre.

Konstfack offers programmes in fine art, design, crafts and teacher education. Research is conducted in the doctoral programme Art, Technology and Design and in several externally funded research projects. 

Royal Institute of Art offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Fine Arts and postgraduate studies in Architecture. The school hosts PhD candidates in Visual Art, artistic development work and externally funded artistic research projects. 

Stockholm University of the Arts offers first, second and third cycle (doctoral) education and conducts research and artistic development work within performative and mediated practices such as choreography, film and media, opera and performing arts. 

Norwegian Artistic Research Program


The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP) is a joint initiative for the creative and  performing arts and is the most important source of funding for artistic research in Norway. The programme funds projects at Norwegian universities and university colleges in which artistic practice is at the core of the activities, and it provides a unique opportunity for doctoral education.

The programme develops expertise in the sector, acts as a national arena and makes an active contribution to the development of quality within the arts. Artistic research as a parallel to academic research is enshrined in law as a joint goal for institutions of higher education in Norway. NARP is a unique programme in an international context and a driving force in the field of artistic research.

Exhibition partners 2017


The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has been a leading European training center for artists for more than 300 years. Today, we offer some 1,400 students a variety of courses ranging from painting and sculpture to photography and video, performance and conceptual art, also including architecture, scenography and conservation/restoration.

By offering seminars and carrying out a great variety of projects, the Institutes of Art Theory and Cultural Studies and of Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts ensure a high theoretical standard in all the departments. This is closely linked to the training of art teachers, which we consider central in conveying and communicating art to others. The course structure, based on diploma studies and/or bachelor/master programs, is augmented through various doctoral studies, including an internationally renowned PhD-in-Practice program, as well as through the master program Critical Studies. This wide range of courses offered by the Academy enables students to pursue their own individual goals, and to obtain a variety of qualifications.


In 2010 the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has launched a doctoral program for research in artistic practice which has since then become one of the leading doctoral programmes in artistic research across Europe. The “PhD-in-Practice” program provides its international participants with the opportunity to pursue their individual research projects in a collective learning environment with a decidedly transdisciplinary and international bent. The programme is coordinated by Renate Lorenz (Professor for Art and Research) and Anette Baldauf (Professor for Methodology and Epistemology).

During a period of four years the participants develop and implement their projects analytically and experimentally in coordination with the academic and artistic team of co-participants and faculty. Alumni of the programme include Michael Baers (USA/GER), Ingrid Cogne (S/F/AUT), Elske Rosenfeld (GER), Guilia Cilla (IT), and Ana Hoffner (AUT).   



Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is a vibrant centre for outstanding teaching, research, and production in the arts and design. While firmly anchored in Greater Zurich, its influence extends well beyond Switzerland to the wider international stage. ZHdK offers a broad range of degree programmes and further education courses in art education, design, film, art & media, dance, theatre, and music. Closely interrelating teaching and research, it provides an ideal setting for transdisciplinary projects.

Committed to bridging higher education, professional practice, and the interests of the wider public, ZHdK showcases the work and achievements of its staff and students in its numerous exhibition spaces, theatres, and various dance and concert halls. Its Theatre of the Arts presents cutting-edge student productions, its concert halls features concerts almost every day, and the Mehrspur Music Club offers a wide variety of pop and jazz concerts. Its affiliated Museum of Design presents widely acclaimed art and design exhibitions. Hosting over 600 events each year, ZHdK makes a significant contribution to cultural life in the city and region of Zurich.