Conference programme:

Monday 8 March 2021 Europe Helsinki (UTC +2:00)


The pre-conference programme: From Research to Advice and Advocacy

The pre-conference event is organized by the ArtsEqual Research Initiative 2015-2021, coordinated by Uniarts Helsinki.

Tuesday 9 March (UTC +2)


17:00 -17:15 Welcome and Opening of the Conference (Livestreaming from Music Center Helsinki, Finland)

Speech: Kaarlo Hildén, Rector, University of the Arts Helsinki   
Welcoming Words from Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, City of Helsinki

17:15-18:15 Keynote Lecture Laura Beloff: Art & Science – Socially-engaged?

18:15-18.30 The Choice of Theme and Guidelines for the Conference: welcoming words by the local convenors Kai Lehikoinen, director, CERADA, University of the Arts Helsinki, & Sari Karttunen, coordinator, ESA Research Network for the Sociology of the Arts

18:30-19:00 Music Presentation by Duo Ali Saad and Sanna Salmenkallio
Duo Ali Saad & Sanna Salmenkallio explore the landscapes between Arabic and European cultures, oriental abundance meets northern minimalism. The musicians are inspired by changes in the world and the moments where different paths, lives and stories meet. These meetings create a new generation of music. Ali Saad grew up in a Baghdadian family of musicians and learnt his impressive singing style from his famous uncles. Sanna Salmenkallio is known for her film scores and theatre music, and now she is expanding her repertoire with a touch of Arabic influence. The duo’s programme consists of Arabic folklore and pop with new arrangements. Dreaming of Joy

19:00-19:30 Virtual Toast and Greetings from Helsinki

Wednesday 10 March (UTC +2)


10:00–11:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 1 (Sessions 1a-1d)
Session 1a: Art as a social and political act (Session Moderator: Alexandra Nenko)
- Chen, Ruohan: “The world dances wildly on the other shore”: Transgressive choreographic practices in contemporary China

- CANCELED Guerra, Paula: Dystopian grammars and resistance policies in contemporary Portuguese popular music

- Ryynänen, Sanna: Theatre and performative arts as spaces of relations, encounters, and dialogue – case Saimaa Theatre and Voyeur

- Szemessy, Kinga: Community immunity – participatory performance as vaccination: Art mediation practices based on methodological anxiety in order to practice surviving the encounter with the scary and the strange

Session 1b: Arts and cultural policies (Session Moderator: Valerie Visanich)
- Järvinen Iina and Lehtinen Sanna: Economic Access to the World Heritage Sites as a Constitutional Question: Case Suomenlinna

- Nyman, Inka-Maria: The Many Faces of Opera. A discourse analytical study of the construction of Finnish National Opera in the public debate in Finnish media during a leadership crisis 1.1.2007–31.5.2009

- Rodríguez Morató, Arturo and Zarlenga, Matias I.: UNCHARTED: a European research project on the value of culture and the arts

- Shapiro, Roberta: Nation-building through the prism of artification

Session 1c: Artworks and actions in public spaces (Session Moderator: Graciela Trajtenberg)
- Dekel, Tal: Feminist art activism in Israel: Intersectional analysis in a deeply divided society

- Hagen, Målfrid Irene: Art For Pleasure Or For Burden: Visual Art In Public And Semi-Public Spaces

- Myllyntaus, Oona: Pedagogy of Public Art: Meanings of the teaching use of artworks in the early 21st-century learning environments

- Salzbrunn, Monika, Moretti, Federica, von Weichs, Raphaela and Wiederkehr, Sara: Whose aesthetics in which décor? Performative art and muralism as activist art against gentrification. Insights from Cameroon, California and Mediterranean cities

Session 1d: Transversal expertises, crossover collaborations (Session Moderator: Olga Kolokytha)
- Alexander, Victoria: Classification in Art: Residual Classification and the Separation of Producer and Consumer

- Kantonen, Lea: Parallel Worlds and Artworlds: the ethics of pluriversal art  

- Luonila, Mervi and Jyrämä, Annukka: Adapting the co-creational perspective to artistic field

- Laes, Tuulikki and Westerlund Heidi: The challenges of transepistemic synthesis: Bridging research, policy, and institutional practices in the arts

11:30-12:00 Coffee Break

12:00-13:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 2 (Sessions 2a-2d)
Session 2a: Art, capabilities and wellbeing (Session Moderator: Kai Lehikoinen)
- Jansen, Erik: Art as capability: Art, agency and epistemic justice

- Koivisto, Taru: But I cannot sing. I have turned 80 years and I am sick.” Exploring healthcare musicians’ work in an eldercare hospital

- Poulin, Jeff: Cultivating a Creative Generation: Shifts in Paradigms of Educators, Artists and Community Leaders

- Visanich, Valerie: Towards the Social Prescribing of the Arts: The Social Effects of Funding Arts Therapy

 Session 2b: Artistic knowledge – artistic research (Session Moderator: Alexandra Nenko)
- Hoop, Marie: The Politics of Research and Knowledge in the Arts – The Institutionalization of Artistic Research

- Hytönen, Tero: Performing Perception (no abstract available)

- Trento, Francisco B.: Neuroqueer invention as a framework for dis(abling) arts education

- Vanlee, Florian: Flemish Discourses on Artistic Research

Session 2c: Artistic processes, material practices and engagement approaches (Session Moderator: Sari Karttunen)
- Baltrušaitytė, Renida: The Contemporary Circus Field: A Heterotopic Body of the Artist

- Dzhimova, Mariya: Integrating Sociology of Art with Science and Technology Studies: An Ethnographic study on the Production of Virtual Reality Art

- Kantonen Pekka: Three Times a Decade

- Neusiedler, Alice: I need a bald man – Participatory art projects as arenas of engagement

Session 2d: Participatory art projects for social transformation (Session Moderator: Christopher Mathieu)
- Gomes, Rui Telmo: Rituals and working methods in a participatory artistic project  

- Malin, Petra: Arts-based social work as means for participation and democracy

- Marques, Isabel: In defense of Paulo Freire´s Legacy: dancing for social transformation

- Puhekupla Collective (Sanna Ryynänen, Emma Nortio and Sirkku Varjonen): Performative public pedagogy in suburban bars – case Puhekupla / Puhekupla collective

 13.30-14.30 Lunch

Keynote Lecture Eduardo de la Fuente: Attuned to texture: Place Intelligence and the sociology art

15:30-17:00 PARALLEL SESSIONS 3 (Sessions 3a-3d)
Session 3a: Sociology of literature (Session Moderator: Maaria Linko)
- Fürst, Henrik: The Hard Second Book: Entry Conditions and Survival in Early Literary Careers

- Levy, Clara and Quemin, Alain: Criticism of literary texts by amateurs on the internet on two books by Patrick Modiano

- Pyyhtinen, Olli: The Autofictional Pact? Knausgaard’s My Struggle and the Question of Truth and Fictionality

- Roiha, Taija: Producing the Relatively Average Self: Deconstructing the Politics of Mediocrity in Women's Contemporary Autofiction

Session 3b: Societal impacts and sustainability of festivals (Session Moderator: Graciela Trajtenberg)
- Hottinen, Merja: What is the role of the audience at contemporary art music festivals?  

- Juhola, Katja: ISEAS International Socially Engaged Art Symposium - How to design arts-based methods for environmental conflict mediation and dialogical art symposium as conversational art that has social and societal impact.

- Kolokytha, Olga: Citizens at the centre: participatory models of cultural diplomacy in urban frameworks

- Luonila, Mervi, Kurlin Niiniaho Ari, Karttunen, Sari and Mäenpää, Marjo: Social Sustainability in the Context of Finnish Arts and Cultural Festivals
Session 3c: Corporeal Sociology – Acknowledging class background through corporeal research, workshop organized by Laura Lehtinen, Elsa Heikkilä and Sanna Tirkkonen (45 minutes; preregistration required)

Session 3d: Sensory Experiences: An Articulating and Perceiving Body in (Urban) Space, workshop by Ajauksia Group (45 minutes)


17:00-17:15 Coffee Break

17:15 -18:45 PARALLEL SESSIONS 4 (Sessions 4a-4d)
Session 4a:
Art and Aesthetics of Waste, panel (90 minutes) convened by Olli Pyyhtinen and Eduardo de la Fuente: “Declutter, Donate and Transform Lives”: On Op Shop Metaphysics
- Kupari, Essi: Turning a Landfill into Wildlife
- Pyyhtinen, Olli & Lehtonen, Turo-Kimmo: Senses as Epistemic Devices in the Art and Aesthetic of Dumpster Diving
- Kinnunen, Veera: Art of Living with Waste
- Lehtokunnas, Taru: Living a better life by reducing food waste – insights into ethical subjectivity in the context of household food waste practices

Session 4b: Art for social change (Session Moderator: Volker Kirchberg)
- Louis, Dima: Activist art in contemporary digitally-mediated social movements: The case of the Lebanese 2019 revolution

- Sarrouy, Alix Didier & Campos, Ricardo: Art citizenship: Portuguese youth and the urgency of action

- Tolonen, Jonna and Mäkiranta, Mari: Arts-based approaches to violence against women in Finland and Spain

 Session 4c: Arts and Social Work: situating the transformative powers of the arts in mediating change in everyday lives panel (90 minutes) convened by Erik Jansen
- Levy, Susan: Cross-sectoral Working as a Foundation for the Arts Mediating Change in Precarious Lives 
- de Bruijn, Paola & Jansen, Erik: What you see will make you stronger: Art, education and the existential
- Huss, Ephrat: Using the Theory of Embodied Socially Embedded Aesthetics as a Theoretical Base for Socially Transformative Arts
- Yoshihama, Mieko: Inserting Women’s Perspectives into Public Discourse through PhotoVoice 
- Bos, Eltje: Pictures and storytelling: reduce tensions and connect

Session 4d: Talking Ghosts: A Collaborative Hoarding Novella for Helsinki, workshop by Alberto Duman (45 minutes, preregistration required)


Evening Programme options
19:00-19:45 Introduction of Kaikuu project by Mariia Niskavaara, Ateneum, Finnish National Gallery

19.00-20:00 Horizon Europe is coming! Presentation and discussion with H2020 coordinators, networking event convened by Christopher Mathieu with Susanne Janssen and Arturo Rodríguez Morató. The follow-up to Horizon 2020 – Horizon Europe – will soon be released. “Destination 2” contains the calls on Innovative Research on the European Cultural Heritage and the Cultural and Creative Industries. These are the calls most specifically relevant to RN02. Based on circulated drafts of the Horizon Europe work programme this session will present the draft call and experienced coordinators from H2020 projects will share their insights and tips.

Thursday 11 March (UTC +2)


10:00-11:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 5 (Sessions 5a-5d)
Session 5a: Art, Activism and Risk 
(Session Moderator: Pauli Rautiainen)
- Elefant, Lior: Filmmaking as Activism – the case of "Sound of Torture."

- Glauser, Andrea: Protecting persecuted artists – conditions and contours of cultural-political programs

- Mazzola, Alessandro & Damery, Shannon: Accidental Activists. When Cultural and Artistic Practices Become Unintentionally Impactful

- Pöyhönen, Sari, Lehtonen, Jussi & Raad, Harith: Transforming journeys and shaping realities in a documentary theatre project  

Session 5b: Cultural consumption and visitor practices (Session Moderator: Sari Karttunen)
- Boangiu, Gabriela: Identity, Cultural Memory and the XIX Century’s Architecture in Craiova city and Bucharest, Romania

- Hagen, Målfrid Irene: From hippies to hipsters, the sociology of colours and their symbolical meanings

- Lee, Chien: Mediated Seeing in the Space for Art: Unpacking Visitor Photography in Art Museums and Galleries

- Lombardinilo, Andrea: The objectless image: Baudrillard, Warhol and the machinic anti-rhetoric

Session 5c: Presentation and mediation of contemporary art (Session Moderator: Olga Kolokytha)
- CANCELED Haapalainen, Riikka: An institution and a mock institution – two case studies on the critique of public presentation of art  

- Jensen, Anna: Global art in a local context  

- Muntanyola Saura, Dafne: Simmel and the Arts: An ethnographic observation of the Biennale  

- van den Berg, Karen: The Tear Gas Biennale and New Evaluation Standards for Activist Art

Session 5d: Ethnographic Madeleines, a workshop on sensorial methods for ethnographic inquiries, workshop organized by Monika Salzbrunn, Sara Wiederkehr, Raphaela von Weichs & Federica Moretti (90 minutes, preregistration required)

11:30-12:00 Coffee Break

12:00-13:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 6 (Sessions 6a-6d)
Session 6a: Critical interventions in urban spaces and rural areas
(Session Moderator: Christopher Mathieu)
- Chutataweesawas, Sirikoy & Tanchareon, Sumate: Using Participatory Arts as a Tool for Environmental Improvement in Slum Community, Bangkok, Thailand

- Häyrynen, Maunu, Heino, Mollu & Kemppi-Vienola, Vuokko: Bridges, lights in the darkness and horse manure: Cultural mapping, participatory art and community-based landscape conservation in Kokemäenjoki River Valley, West Finland

- Kirchberg, Volker & Hoop, Marie: Critical Artistic Interventions in Urban Contexts – The Intrinsic Logic or Spirit of Cities and Its Influence on Critical Artists  

- Nenko, Oleksandra: Creative activism: driving urban development from below

Session 6b: Fields and scales of art (Session Moderator: Victoria Alexander)
 - Alatalo, Aino: Scales of Art – new cultural buildings re-arranging the relations of a city. The case of Helsinki.

- Lewicka, Barbara: New York Field of Art: 1900–1913. Study of Structure.

- Zaffaroni, Lorenzo Giuseppe: Artistic legitimization through category emulation: the case of art photography in Italy

Session 6c: Participatory Theatre and Memory, workshop organized by Katarzyna Niziołek (45 minutes, preregistration required)

Session 6d: Using embodied socially embedded aesthetics as a socially transformative research method, workshop by Ephrat Huss (30 minutes)  

13:30-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-15:30 Plenary PanelArt, Health, Welfare and Care: Reflections on Some Results in the ArtsEqual Research Initiative (Youtube livestreaming from Music Center, Helsinki): Kai Lehikoinen, Eeva Siljamäki, Tuula Jääskeläinen andTaru Koivisto (60 minutes)

15:30-17:00 PARALLEL SESSIONS 7 (Sessions 7a-7d)
Session 7a: Efforts to improve the accessibility of music education in Finnish music schools, panel convened by Marja-Leena Juntunen (90 minutes) (Youtube livestreaming from Music Center, Helsinki)
- Juntunen, Marja-Leena: ArtsEqual: Institutional efforts to improve accessibility in Basic Education in the Arts (BEA) services during 2013–2018
- Kivijärvi, Sanna: Reasonable accommodation as a policy instrument 3. Backer Johnsen, Hanna: The Floora project
- Backer Johnsen, Hanna: The Floora project
- Juntunen, Marja-Leena: Suggestions of improving accees to BEA –  summary of ArtsEqual-studies


Session 7b: Artistic work (Session Moderator: Dafne Muntanyola Saura)
 - Elefant, Lior: Israeli Women Filmmakers' Activism in Israel in the 21st Century

- Pina, Marcos Roberto: “Tá patrão”: a study on artistic and musical work in the funk ostentação music genre in the city of São Paulo, Brazil

- Sokka, Sakarias & Pyykkönen, Miikka, Kurlin Niiniaho Ari: Experiences of artist hood among young artist-entrepreneurs and freelancers in Finland

- Storlund, Vivan: A reform agenda

Session 7c: Street art and collective memory (Session Moderator: Anna Lisa Tota)
- Jacobson, Malcolm: Collective photographic memories of ageing graffiti writers

- Romanello, Gloria: Street art and cultural heritage: empowerment and legitimation of new cultural agents?

- Trajtenberg, Graciela: Street Art as Political Participation

Session 7d: The image creates its skin, workshop organized by Mia Seppälä (only onsite in Helsinki, 90 min, preregistration required)

17:00-17:30 Coffee Break

17:30-19:00 PARALLEL SESSIONS 8 (Sessions 8a-8d)
Session 8a: Markets for and corporate uses of art (Session Moderator: Tasos Zembylas)
- Jarry, Remy: “Attack West With East, Attack East With West”, The Art of Huang Yong Ping

- Luukkanen-Hirvikoski, Teija: Beyond decoration: contemporary art and design as branding tools  

- Provansal, Mathilde: Breaking the “glass ceiling” in contemporary art: the role of public institutions

- Quemin, Alain: Elaborating a Ranking of Leading Contemporary Art Galleries: Does Nationality Matter and to What Extent is Internationalization Necessary to Control the Market?

Session 8b: Cultural Management (Session Moderator: Constance DeVereaux) 
- Sigurjónsson, Njörður: Can Music Predict the Future? (contributed paper, 20 minutes)

- Cultural Management 2020 – Retrospective and Prediction, roundtable convened by Constance DeVereaux with Pekka Vartiainen, Aleksandar Brkić and Richard Maloney (60 minutes)

Session 8c: Challenging Evidence and Agencies. Social Effects of THEATRE, roundtable organized by Saara Jäntti, Riku Laakkonen and Marja-Liisa Honkasalo (60 minutes, preregistration required)

CANCELED Session 8d: Movement research with mouth, workshop organized by Ilmari Kortelainen (45 minutes)

Evening Programme
19:15-20:00 Art Break in the Ateneum - Welcome to refresh yourself! guided tour by Anna Pöppönen, Ateneum, Finnish National Gallery

A creative break at the Ateneum is a new kind of remote art moment that attracts art with easy relaxation exercises as well as a calm grip, without forgetting warm humor. The art moment encourages participants to make their own interpretations, chat about Ateneum’s classic works, and enjoy both the details and the atmosphere of the works.

The guide presents the works through a high-quality slideshow. A creative break at the Ateneum is a respite in the middle of a telecommuting day and a pampering moment for the whole conference community.

The Ateneum is the home of Finnish art and part of the Finnish National Gallery. Our collection includes more than 20,000 national treasures; works of art that we all own together. We have art dating from the 19th century to modern.


Friday 12 March (UTC +2)


10:00-11:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 9 (Sessions 9a-9d)

Session 9a: Cultural participation studies (Session Moderator: Maaria Linko)
- Allmanritter, Vera & Tewes-Schuntzel, Oliver: The Possibilities and Limitations of Lifestyle Instruments in (Non-) Visitor Research

- Feder, Tal: Does access to art promote cultural inequality? Evidence from Europe

- Filimon, Nela: Patterns of social engagement with the arts emerging from cultural participation in Spain  

- Klaver, Mieke & Burggraaff, Wim: Why do people engage in cultural activities?

Session 9b: Diversity and representation in the institutions of art (Session Moderator: Christopher Mathieu)
- Lahtinen, Emmi: Social Exclusion in the Finnish Art Field: Attitudes and Competence Regarding Cultural and Lingual Diversity in Art and Culture Institutions

- Rastas, Anna: Museums, artists, and anti-racism

- Hast, Susanna & Bagheri Nesami, Maryam: Subtle Corporealities: Resistance Through Silence and Stillness (lecture-performance, 30 minutes)

Session 9c: Musical tastes and evaluation (Session Moderator: Olga Kolokytha)
- Fryberger, Annelies: The fuzzy middle. Uncertainty, indifference, and disagreement in the evaluation of contemporary art music.

- Shibata, Yasuko: The Pleasure of Polish-Japanese Relations: Polish Discourse on the "Love" of Japanese of Fryderyk Chopin's Music  

- Wyrzykowska, Katarzyna, Zawadska, Kinga, Domanski, Henryk & Przybysz, Darius: Between East and West – cultural practices and Poles’ musical tastes

Session 9d: The Intrinsic Value of Arts vs. the Good Impacts of Art, workshop by Teemu Mäki (45 minutes) 

11:30-12:00 Coffee Break

12:00-13:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 10 (Session 10a-10d)
Session 10a: Ecologies and residencies of art (Session Moderator: Volker Kirchberg)
- Hirvi-Ijäs, Maria and Renko, Vappu: Artisthood as a differentiated profession – going from societal status to a living part of a constantly changing cultural ecosystem

- Strandvad, Sara and Roberts, Kathryn: Creative Work(s) after ANT: Towards an Ecology of Artist Residencies

- Takahashi, Kaori: Updating cultural migrants: from research on Berlin-based Japanese visual artists

- Zembylas, Tasos: Dual Commitments in Art and Life – the case of Otto Mühl

Session 10b: Equality and empowerment through music education (Session Moderator: Victoria Alexander)
- Ferrer-Fons, Mariona, Rovina, Marta and Soler-i-Marti, Roger: A school of life for young people. A case-study of a Center for Music and Performing Arts of the city of Barcelona (Spain)

- Rautiainen, Pauli and Kivijärvi, Sanna: Contesting Music Education Policies Through the Concept of Reasonable Accommodation: Teacher Autonomy and Equity Enactment in Finnish Music Education

- Sarrouy, Alix Didier: Art as a tool: complexities of symphonic orchestra programs in underprivileged territories

Session 10c: Roleplay and drama supporting safe space for equality in education, workshop by Jari Karttunen and Anna-Liisa Parkkinen (90 minutes, preregistration required)

Session 10d: Equal Access to Arts and Cultural Education: A Possibility, or Utopia?, roundtable organized by Eeva Anttila with Mirja Hiltunen and Anniina Suominen (90 minutes)

13:30 -14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:30 Keynote Lecture Stephen Duncombe & Steve Lambert: Making Art Work

15:30-16:00 Résumé – Closing of the Conference and Jazz session by Sir. Garrison (University of the Arts Helsinki Sibelius Academy jazz students): Sami Leponiemi (saxophone),  Nathan Francis (double bass) and Okko Saastamoinen (drums)