Kuva research days 2018

This time KuvA Research Days delves into the questions of imagination. Our thinking often starts with individual needs, goals and preferences. We nevertheless live and act in the world together. How can we cultivate empathy and togetherness? Can artistic research offer us means of transforming our mental landscape? How do we come from one to the other? Is unity a placeholder for multiplicity?
Welcome to think together!  
Mika Elo

The venues for the KuvA Research Days are Monday–Wednesday, 10–12.12.2018, Exhibition Laboratory gallery (Merimiehenkatu 36, Helsinki) and on Thursday 13.12.2018 Kone Chamber (Tehtaankatu 21 B 45, 5th Floor, Helsinki).  
The exhibition Archipelago Mountain curated by Ana de Almeida and Stephanie Misa is open 28.11–12.12.2018 in the Exhibition Laboratory gallery.