"Abandoned Melodies"


First doctoral concert




Concert Idea

The title of the first doctoral concert, Abandoned Melodies, can be interpreted in several ways. On the one hand, political and social circumstances in the Soviet Union had a significant impact on the oeuvre of the composers. Aleksandr Veprik was urged to abandon Jewish themes and turn to more “neutral” melodic material. Mieczysław Weinberg’s Jewish melodies appear in a sorrowful mode. Joseph Dorfman had to emigrate, not having the possibility to fulfil his artistic visions under the Soviet state doctrine. Edison Denisov was publicly defamed for turning to post-tonal composition styles and leaving aside melody in the traditional sense. Aleksandr Lokshin fell into political disgrace; both his music and he as a person were almost completely abandoned in the Soviet Union. 

On the other hand, Abandoned Melodies can be seen in the sense that — except for Denisov’s solo composition — none of these works has found its way into the standard clarinet repertoire. Weinberg´s sonata has been gaining popularity in recent years, and hopefully further compositions will meet with increasing interest among musicians and audiences in the future.  



Aleksandr Veprik / Александр Моисеевич Веприк 
(1899, Balta–1958, Moscow)
Chant Rigoureux op. 9  
for clarinet and piano (1926)

Mieczysław Weinberg / Моисей Самуилович Вайнберг 
(1919, Warsaw–1996, Moscow)
Sonata op. 28 
for clarinet and piano (1945)
1. Allegro
2. Allegretto
3. Adagio

Joseph Dorfman / Йосиф Дорфман 
(1940, Odessa–2006, Los Angeles) 
5 Images after Marc Chagall 
for clarinet, cello and piano (1987)
1. The Birds in the Night
2. Winter
3. Solitude
4. The Flying Sleigh
5. Nocturnal Carnival
        – – –

Edison Denisov / Эдисон Васильевич Денисов 
(1929, Tomsk–1996, Paris) 
for clarinet (1972)
1. Lento rubato
2. Allegro giusto

Aleksandr Lokshin / Александр Лазаревич Локшин 
(1920, Biysk–1987, Moscow)
for clarinet and string quartet (1955)
1. Andante sostenuto
2. Tema con Variazioni


Anne Elisabeth Piirainen, clarinet
Kiril Kozlovsky, piano
Nonna Knuuttila, violin
Eeva Oksala, violin
Jussi Aalto, viola
Petja Kainulainen, cello

15.05.2014, Camerata Hall, Helsinki Music Center