Clarinet Music from Russia and the Soviet Union 19171991: Discovering an Unexplored Side of the Clarinet Repertoire



   Table of Contents

   Note on Transliteration

1. About the Research Project

   1.1 Research Position, Field and Material

   1.2 Methods

Part One: The Doctoral Concerts

2. On the Concert Series

   2.1 Abandoned Melodies 

   2.2 Between Love and Hate 

   2.3 Facets of Expression 

   2.4 Echoes of the Past 

   2.5 Beyond Borders 

Part Two: A Performer´s Approach to Soviet Clarinet Music 

3. Before and around 1917

   3.1 From the Beginnings to Glinka 

   3.2 Compositions and Education

   3.3 Early 20th Century Clarinet Music

4. On Jewish Themes in Russian/Soviet Clarinet Music

   4.1 Some Characteristic Musical Elements

   4.2 Prokofiev: Overture on Hebrew Themes op.34

   4.3 Stillman: Fantasy on a Chassidish Theme

   4.4 Veprik: Chant Rigoureux op.9

   4.5 Krein: Quartet

   4.6 Krein: Rhapsody

   4.7 Weinberg: Sonata op.28

   4.8 Senderey: Three Pieces

   4.9 Dorfman: 5 Images after Marc Chagall

5. Under Stalin (ca.1928/291953)

   5.1 Khachaturian: Trio

   5.2 Krein: Poème

   5.3 Ustvolskaya: Trio

6. The "Thaw" (ca.19541964)

   6.1 Lokshin: Quintet

7. “Stagnation Period” (ca.19651984)

   7.1 Artyomov: Sonata No.1

   7.2 Denisov: Solo Sonata

   7.3 Firsova: Sonata op.16

    7.4 Frid: Sonata No.3

8. Perestroika (ca.19851991)

   8.1 Denisov: Quintet

   8.2 Tarnopolsky: Echoes of the Passing Day

   8.3 Kasparov: Notturno

   8.4 Rayeva: Lady-Bird

   8.5 Tishchenko: Concerto op.104

   8.6 Podgaits: Sonata op.83

   8.7 Einfelde: Mournful Serenades

9. Émigré Composers

   9.1 Lourié: The Mime

   9.2 Agopov: Sonata op.6

   9.3 Tchemberdji: Sonata

10. After 1991

Part Three: Clarinet Composition Database

   Considerations on the Database

   Instrument Abbreviations


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