Considerations on the Database


This database contains works for and with the clarinet in different instrumentations from Russia and the Soviet Union. Initially, the database was meant to be my own working tool. I collected and stored in the database all information on works with the clarinet from my research area which I encountered in libraries and archives that I visited, in literature or recordings. The criteria for the compositions to be included in the database are therefore somewhat broader than for the core of my research.

The criteria are as follows:
The work needs to contain one or more clarinets, but the clarinet does not necessarily have a leading role in the work, for example, in larger chamber music instrumentations or woodwind quintets. The work needs to be written between 1917 and 1991. All composers originating from Russia or a former Soviet Republic qualify. Émigré composers are included to a certain extent and marked with an asterisk*. Clarinet concertos, pedagogic works and other compositions which I do not discuss in my research are also included.

The database is far from complete – which would be an impossible task anyway – and shows some obvious limitations. The exact year of composition is not always known. The correct edition and year of publication is not always clear. Especially regarding reprints and new editions, it goes beyond the scope of this project to list the entire information. Works from southern republics are underrepresented. The database does not comment on any artistic value of the work, playing difficulty or style.

However, this database is meant to be a starting point for further discussion and can hopefully be of use to any reader who is interested in the field of clarinet music.


Practical Information

It is possible to carry out a search within the database with any of the following parameters:
The composer´s name (in English transliteration only) 
Year of composition (if not known, the database shows “0”)
Instrumentation (see list of instrument abbreviations below)
Number of players (for a nonspecific number, such as orchestra works, the database shows “0”)

A combined search is possible, such as “cl, pf” for works for clarinet and piano.

The database can be sorted by column in descending or ascending order.