Bus ticket (Helsinki City Museum 1929)


Travel stipends are not available for now – the network has no stipend resources.

The doctoral programme has reserved a travel funding sum of 600 € for each programme-funded student to attend international scientific conferences abroad. Status students may also apply for travel stipends for their conference trips once they have received a letter of acceptance for their proposal and confirmation that the trip will benefit their dissertation research and their career.

The application is to be sent by email to the coordinator of the programme. Time reserved for the evaluation process is 1,5 weeks, starting from the coordinator's message to the applicant confirming that the application has been received and checked.

Funded students may personally decide, perhaps with input from their supervisors, for which events to allocate their annual 600 € stipend.

Status students will submit an application for funding after they have received a letter of acceptance from the conference organisers. The brief application must include, besides the personal information of the applicant,
- infomation about the conference (or related event that is deemed beneficial to the applicant's academic work)
- the title of the applicant's presentation and a short summary (i.e., a few sentences) about the contents
- the total estimated costs of the trip as well as the sum applied from the programme
- a description of possible funding from elsewhere for which the student has applied to pay for the trip (i.e., where, how much)
- a short letter from the supervisor on the significance of the trip at this stage of the research process.
Upon completion, the application is to be sent by email to the coordinator.

Once the trip is over, the student will use the "Travel-costs-form" – downloadable from the programme's Moodle area – to invoice the costs. In order to receive compensation, the scanned receipts, including boarding passes and the conference programme, must be included.