null Feedback from CARPA4

Here is some of the feedback we had on CARPA4:

"The nominated concepts were explored fully and they would be considered highly innovative and forward thinking. The colloquium was an invaluable experience for all those concerned. The selected topic led to presentations that function at the highest order of intellectual discussion in the arts and research about and into the arts."

"I would evaluate this colloquium highly. It was excellent. As an indicator of the CARPA reputation and esteem, the event in 2015 attracted a significant number of innovative international creative artists and postgraduates from around the world."

"A pleasant and interesting conference. Good format and way of working in the working groups."

"What was so surprising in my opinion was that the theoretical lectures and performative presentations were both on good and/or high levels."

"The colloquium made a big impact on me and gives a lot to process now and later on."

"There were new answers and new questions and many interesting people: that´s how a good conference should be. I also enjoyed the mix of papers and workshops, shifting between theory, practice and reflection."

"This type of event confirms the University of the Arts in Helsinki and the Theatre Academy as an international leader in arts research. I was delighted to find that the artists, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduates and academic staff attending CARPA4 were presenting about work of the highest caliber. The presentations were of a high standard about innovative research that is contributing to the field internationally."