Cemetery Archipelago: On the imaginaries of human and non-human death

Cemetery Archipelago will investigate the ways in which mortality is figured in the spaces, material processes, practices and symbolic production of the Venetian archipelago. The basic point of departure is that the morphology of multiple liminalities constitutive of the Venetian lagoon, operates as a dynamic and unstable constellation of land and sea, and as a motile encounter of human and non-human agencies, and so provides a highly particularised site for the figuring of death. This enquiry is conceived in five acts: A survey of the different imaginaries of mortality in human and non-human systems, an exposition of a synthesis of materials thus gathered, production of image, text, sound, and vocalisation at key sites within the lagoon, a seminar on migrancy and mortality, and a collective vocal performance work in the pavilion and at other sites within the lagoon.

Cell members: Birgitta Nordström, Ram Krishna Ranjan, Daniel Jewesberry, Jyoti Mistry, Mick Wilson

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