Research Pavilion #3 Infolab, Exhibition Laboratory, 25.10-17.11.2019

Research Pavilion #3 Infolab presents a selection of the outcomes of the Research Pavilion project, hosted by Uniarts Helsinki, that was realised during 2018-2019 in Helsinki and in context of the Venice Biennale.
Artistic research inhabits different spaces: the fields, the archives, the messy studios, spaces of negotiation and collaboration, many kinds of labs as well as spaces of representation, such as publications and exhibitions. Sometimes these spaces are incongruent and imply different modes of activity. If one wants to wear the right-hand glove in the left hand, one must turn it inside out – or be satisfied with the misfit. 
The Research Pavilion #3 Infolab at Exhibition Laboratory turns a new side out of the artistic research processes cultivated by the Research Cells in the frame of Research Pavilion #3. We will explore the display mode of infolab and expose senses of research evolving from the cellular logic of Research Pavilion #3.

Concluding Seminar, Exhibition Laboratory (Helsinki), October 26, 2019 at 11-16

Research Pavilion #3 used a different kind of curatorial logic. The project did not start with a well-defined narrative. Instead, the narrative was articulated and developed during a series of Assemblies in which members of the cells participated. In this concluding seminar, the research cells will critically evaluate their ecology of practice and the cellular method of the Research Pavilion #3 project. 
11:00 Warm-up: reading on reading (Emma Cocker) and wordings (Lena Séraphin) 
12:00 Intro (Mika Elo and Henk Slager)
12:20 Research Cell presentations 
13:40 Coffee Break
14:00 Research Cell presentations 
15:00 Basak Senova: CrossSections 
15:20 Comments, discussion
16:00 End


In order to highlight the processual nature of the Research Pavilion #3 project, the participating research cells have published their research processes in the form of Research Expositions in the Research Catalogue. The project is also discussed on the Universes in Universe website 

Publication: RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research special issue, "Ecologies of Practice"

A further output of Research Pavilion #3 will be a peer-reviewed artistic research publication that re-situates various dimensions of the discussions initiated and generated by the project. A number of participants and their international colleagues have submitted their proposals as a response to the Open Call that was published this summer by RUUKKU. Editors Mika Elo, Tero Heikkinen, and Henk Slager expect to release this issue in spring 2020.