The CARPA7 Conference Proceedings will be published in the Performing Arts Research Centre’s web based, open access publications series Nivel.

The proceedings timeline will be announced at the latest August 2021.

By submitting a text to the proceedings, the author assigns the rights to publisher to publish and distribute her work as part of publication called CARPA7 proceedings, as part of Nivel series. If the manuscript contains copyrighted works, which the author does not own, the author must obtain the rights to use them. The publisher does not pay for any author’s or copyright fee or royalties. Uniarts Helsinki has the right to save copies of the publication and its different forms of the content (text, photos, videos etc.) in different data systems or another technical apparat.

The submitted texts should be based on the presentations given by the author(s) at the conference. The texts should adhere to the following guidelines and formats:

•    Submit the text as a word document, a docx. file     
•    The text should be written in English
•    The writer is responsible for copy editing their texts
•    The text can be anything between 1.000 to 4.000 words (maximum 10 pages)
•    The line spacing should be 1,5 and the font 12 point Times New Roman with subtitles in bold
•    Use endnotes to mark references. Additionally, compile a reference list at the end of the text. In both cases follow the given annotation guide – see Tutke Structure and Annotation Guide (p. 6-19).
•    Images can be included, however, please ensure that you have the copyright for the images (including the photographer and those photographed). If you want the image to be included in a specific place in the text, send a model example as a pdf-file alongside the text (docx.) and images (jpg.)
•    Video and audio clips can be linked to the publication from your own site or from the Research Catalogue.