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The conference is fully online is Zoom.

Wednesday, 25 August  

10:00-12:00  Information and the technical advice desk open in Zoom  
13:15-14:45  (available only for the pre-registered participants)

Mikael Brygger: Daily Elastic Writing Workshop (DEWW) part 1: Writing as playing with roles

The first part of a series of loosely connected workshops utilizes a set of collaborative, experimental and generative writing practices. Within this tripartite workshop, we gather to write collaboratively according to generative rules. At the same time, there is a master rule in effect, one rule to rule them all, which is to redefine the other rules to best serve each of the participants and the task at hand. The workshop's collaborative focus is on creating a living and breathing open world of text, a sandbox for the participants to explore, communicate and interact with by reading and writing with/in a two-dimensional digital space.

On Wednesday we explore how assuming roles could contribute to the generative and collective processes when writing in a shared digital medium in collaboration with other participants. Additional context relates to using game-like structures to organize acts of artistic expression.

The workshop continues on Thursday 26 August and on Friday 27 August at 10:30-11:30. The workshop is available only for the pre-registered participants. The registration closed on 20 August 2021.


Annette Arlander: Writing to your chosen tree – a workshop   

In this workshop we will explore writing a letter to a tree of our choice next to that very tree, and share parts of those letters with each other via zoom. Thus, the participants are asked to choose in advance a tree that is important to them, or to go to a nearby park and approach a tree that seems inviting. Please, be prepared to bring your computer or phone or other device with zoom connection next to the tree at the time of the workshop. And prepare pen and paper in order to be able to write the letter to the tree by hand.  Looking forward to meeting you and the trees…


Opening of CARPA7 conference
Various Elastic Writings: conference committee introductory panel
Leena Rouhiainen, Lynda Gaudreau, Davide Giovanzana and Michael Brygger  

An evocative and performative introduction to Elastic Writing in Artistic Research with a welcoming speech to CARPA7.


Thursday, 26 August  

9:00-10:00  Information and the technical advice desk open in Zoom  
10:30-11.30 Mikael Brygger: Daily Elastic Writing Workshop (DEWW) part 2: Writing with and designing constraints (available only for the pre-registered participants)

Drawing from experimental writing, we explore how different constraints and procedures applied to writing could enhance collaborative writing practices. In addition, we will design and redesign the tools used, where needed.

The workshop continues on Friday 27 August at 10:30-11:30

11.30-12:00 PAUSE

Paraller conference strands and presentations
(Sessions 1 - 9)

Session 1: Forms of Writing (With no Hands)
Lena Séraphin: A Site Specific Writing Dialogue in Public Space
Pauliina Laukkanen: Moving Writing - a workshop
Tuomas Laitinen: When the Act of Reading is Not Trivial

Session 2: Dis(guised) Writing
Susanna Hast and Maryam Bagheri Nesami: Liminal Veil: Masking Dance and Text

13:30-14:00 PAUSE 

Session 3: Techno-Writing
Plenary Session Christian Bök: A Zoom Lens for the Future of the Text
Moderator Mikael Brygger

15:00-15:30 PAUSE

Session 4: Techno-Writing
     Sarah Ciston: Digital Writing Platforms of the Future: Creative-Critical-Code Writing As Artistic
Research and Perfor mance

     Marija Griniuk and Tue Brisson Mosich: Transcorporeal writing: the interconnectedness between random stimuli in enhancing creativity training and involvement of AI into the practice of writing     

Rebecca Close: Classic Gold Premium: The Wife of Them All

Session 5: Forms of Writing (With no Hands)
    Laura Castr o  and Candice Didonet: The secre t writing of  the Sa m aúma    

Frida Robles Ponce: Love l etters from the Santo Domingo  square

Elina Saloranta: Could research take the form of a letter?

Session 6: Dis(guised) Writing
Rachel Kaminsky Sanders:  A [new] literacies diss ertation:  The paradox surrounding the literacy practices in aca demic research

Stuart Mugridge: (un)p repare to be attacked!

Joa Hug: Propositions for Writing Unfinished Thinking

17:00-18:00 PAUSE

Session 7: Techno Writing
Ana de Almeida and Chris tian Wimplinger: Phony Writings

Outi Condit: The Actress The Sequel The Lead The Diva (screening), or, Writing As Between

Session 8: Forms of Writing (With no Hands)
Nino Jvania, Eka Chabashvili and Tamar Zhvania: How to Write (about) Piano Music That Might Have Come to an End?

Session 9: Dis(guised) Writing
Sher Doruf f: Last Year at Betty and Bob's

Vanja Hamid Isacson: Work diary as a method in artistic research

Friday, 27 August

9:00-10:00 Information and the technical advice desk open

10:30-11:30 Mikael Brygger: Daily Elastic Writing Workshop (DEWW) part 3: Writing with found and recycled materials (available only for the pre-registered participants)

We will create a collaborative text all together, read through the fragments and use already written text in order to complete the work. During the process, we will explore how to add intratextuality and desired patterns and qualities to the composition.

PAUSE 11:30-12:00

Paraller conference strands and presentations
(Sessions 10 - 18)

Session 10: Forms of Writing (With no Hands)
Katariina Numminen: Overlapping Bodies - Dramaturgies of Bodily Writing

Tuire Colliander: Writing for and with Children in Artistic Research

Nirav Christophe, Daniela Moosmann, Ninke Overbeek and Marjolijn van den Berg: Writing as Research as Writing

Session 11: Dis(guised) Writing
Rolf Hughes and Rachel Armstrong: Writ in Rock

Annette Arlander: Writing letters to Trees with the Trees

Harri Laakso: Heavy writing

13:30-14:00 PAUSE

Session 12: Dis(guised) Writing
Plenary Session Tim Etchells: In the interests of time: fragments on performance and writing
Moderator Davide Giovanzana

15:00-15:30 PAUSE

Session 13: Techno-Writing
Vincent Roumagnac: Untitled (Submerged)

Bruce Barton: Surrendering to Zoom: composing artistic research and creative practice in a pandemic

Session 14: Forms of Writing (With no Hands)
Johanna Pentikäinen: Knowing about writing - or writing about knowing?

Emma Cocker: Conversation-as-material

Kirsi Heimonen: If only – writing through the spatiality of the corporeality

Session 15: Dis(guised) Writing
Mia Seppälä: Internalizing the Strategy

Benjamin Nicholson: Dirty Words – A Collaborative Editing of Obscenity

17:00-18:00 PAUSE

Session 16: Techno-Writing
Juan Vassallo: Versificator: Algorithmic poetry and music composition

Hanns Holger Rutz and Nayarí Castillo: Simultaneous Writing (Machines)

Session 17: Forms of Writing (With no Hands)
Paula Kramer: writing/over/writing

Andrew Lock: Performing Research, Writing Silence

Session 18: Dis(guised) Writing
Karolina Kucia: MONSTERRERS&HURRORS Oops! Did something go wrong?


SATURDAY 28 August

8:30-9:00 Information and the technical advice desk open  

Paraller conference strands and presentations
(Sessions 19-24)

Session 19: Forms of Writing (With no Hands)
Julia Calver: Apostrophe Plural

Andrea Liu: Performative Writing: Manifesto as Futuristic Speech Act

Ilse van Rijn: Musing Memory / Diffractive Writing. Or how to get rid of "embarrassing graphic markers."

Session 20: Dis(guised) Writing
Johanna Braun and Elke Krasny: Wandering Writings – Curative Thinking, and Performing with Hysteria

Laura Gonzalez: Hosting the first person

11:00-11:30 PAUSE

Session 21: Forms of Writing (with No Hands)
Plenary Session Maria Fusco: Servant is now. But what was my name?
Moderator Leena Rouhiainen

12:30-13:00 PAUSE

Session 22: Techno-Writing
Margarete Jahrman, Charlotta Ruth and Georg Luif: Brain Dérive & Detournement. A neuro- philosophical situated GPT-2 writing game

Michael Murphy and Róisín O’Gorman: Writing is not the last word: reflections on an iterative creative research project

Session 23: Forms of Writing (With no Hands)
Lin Snelling and Thea Patterson: Having to write, or say, anything at all

Emilie Gallier: Nibbling Wormholes

Allyson Packer: Words That We Feel: Work That Resides in Our Bodies

Session 24: Dis(guised) Writing
Pablo Alvez Artinprocess: Reading and writing at the same time – translation as performance and performance as translation

14:30-15:00 PAUSE

Closing of CARPA7 Conference
Elastic Writing in Artistic Research in hindsight
Leena Rouhiainen, Lynda Gaudreau, Davide Giovanzana and Mikael Brygger

Together writing + reading questions + answers that CARPA7 provoked in its invited speakers, presenters and participants.