Time management

Time management

Leisure time and rest

Life must be balanced between work and rest. Sometimes it may feel as if your life is dictated by clocks and schedules and is a constant process of survival from day to day, from deadline to deadline. You may feel that everyone focuses on what you must complete in order to progress in your studies.

There are only 24 hours in a day. Part of that is used in studying and part in sleeping, but there is (or should be) free time as well. Meaningful leisure activities, sufficient rest and good nutrition are hugely important. Do you get enough sleep? Do you eat well? Do you ensure that you recover properly from work and from practicing? What does recovery mean for you?Have you considered how you can arrange time for yourself in which you can do whatever you want?

You need to understand that rest, nutrition and leisure time are also ‘work’ as far as your studies are concerned. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” as the saying goes.

It is essential that you should be able to do something in your leisure time that balances your studies; something that brings you genuine pleasure. Going to concerts and opera performances is an easy option, and as such pleasant enough, and you may find inspiration in other branches of the arts too. There are any number of art exhibitions, cinemas and theatres available. As a student at Uniarts Helsinki, you should explore what your fellow students are doing at the other schools. Go see a performance at the Theatre Academy or an exhibition at the Fine Arts Academy.

Sports, meeting friends, reading and cooking are also good ways to balance out your studies. Ultimately, it is your choice.

Time management planning

You are responsible for how you use your time.

Think about your time management. Think about what is important for you this month, this week or tomorrow. Review your work schedule.Make a list of things that you have to do and focus on those. It will reassure you to have a time slot assigned for everything. It is difficult to find solutions to problems if you are trying to do too many things too quickly.Do not try to do everything at once. Take things one thing at a time.

Make sure you have time for recovery, even during the day. Recovery ensures that your body returns to the optimal state for learning new things.

The freedom to make your own choices can cause anxiety. Talking about it with your fellow students, your tutor teacher or the educational psychologist may help. Talking about things is like thinking aloud, and when someone else comments on what you are thinking, it is easier to analyse your thoughts and clarify your choices. If your workload is too large, talk to your tutor teacher or HOPS planner or the head of your department and leave something out.Give yourself time to do what you have to do. Focus on practicing, on writing or on assignments, as the case may be. Take things one thing at a time.