You are studying at the Sibelius Academy

You are studying at the Sibelius Academy

Do you know what it is like to study music?

It is different for everyone. Studying music is a creative effort and is never just about technical skills. Studying music includes improving your musical skills, but it also includes improving yourself and your personality.

What do you want to learn?

You may already have some idea about this. Keep that in mind, but also keep an open mind, because often your goals may shift and focus as you progress further.

What kind of musician do you want to become?

Goals are important. Everyone needs goals, and motivation is what makes us work and strive towards solutions even when the going gets tough.

Remember that the best way to learn is to discuss things. Groups facilitate learning and foster new insights that no one could achieve on their own. Be an active communicator: If anything is unclear, ask about it immediately.

At the world’s top universities, students form study groups at their own initiative. Seek out groups and new contacts actively from the very start of your studies.

Cooperation is strength.

Academic freedom and academic responsibility

Among the most important things in a university community are the concepts of academic freedom and academic responsibility.

What do they mean?

Academic freedom means that you are free to undertake any studies. Academic freedom means the freedom to learn, to make study choices, to plan one’s studies and to receive tuition.

Academic responsibility, on the other hand, means in the case of students that students are responsible for their own learning.It means that you have an obligation to be actively engaged in your studies. Academic responsibility also includes appropriate behaviour and correct language towards everyone else in the university community.

You are here to learn. As a student, you yourself will have to decide how to pursue your goals. You decide what you need to do and where you need to participate in order to learn things according to the goals that you yourself have set. Attaining the goals that are important for you requires hard work and self-discipline. A responsible student is honest and allows both himself/herself and his/her fellow students the potential for good learning. When you graduate from university, you will become an expert in your field, but this will only be really true if you focus on in-depth learning and comprehension from the very first.