Wednesday 15 December 2021   
Artificial intelligence 

Host: Bruno Caldas Vianna, Doctoral student, Academy of Fine Arts 
Venue: Academy of Fine Arts at Uniarts Helsinki, White Studio (Sörnäisten rantatie 19, Helsinki)
Program onsite and also online. 

The one-day symposium has two parts. In the morning, we will hear from artists working with AI. What it means to use it as a tool or a theme? How does it expand the artists potential and play field?

In the afternoon, we will discuss the limits of AI from perspective of artistic creation. After all the advances in deep learning in the last decade, AI researchers are coming to terms with the fact that even the best neural network is far from having any kind of intelligence. They are amazing data processing machines but can only really do very specific tasks. Can we of Art as having its own kind of intelligence that is still far to be reached by formal artificial systems?

Read more about this subject in Bruno Caldas Vianna´s blog text 

Program 15.12.2021 [Onsite and online]

Times are in Finnish time (CET +1)

AI as tool and canvas: artists working with artificial intelligence
9:30 Welcome and presentations
9:40 Taller Estampa – Artist Presentation
10:10 Jukka Hautamäki – Artist Presentation
10:40 Coffee 
11:00 Sofia Crespo – Artist Presentation
11:30-12:00 Panel discussion with questions from the audience. Moderated by Bruno Caldas Vianna

The dull machine
13:30 Bruno Caldas Vianna: Art intelligence and the Bartleby machine
14:10 Jordi Vallverdú (UAB - Barcelona): Fallible Ethics for (Un)fallible machines. Remote presentation.
14:50 Coffee 
15:10 Philippe Esling and Ninon Devis (IRCAM - Paris): Artificial Creativity
16:00-16:45 Panel discussion with questions from the audience.

Image: Bruno Caldas (2021): Alku. A device for reading AI-generated poems (detail).