Untitled Sites - sisältöblokki kuvalla

Image: JKFR, Daily Disasters (production still), 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Daily Disasters


Open Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–6pm (unless notified otherwise), Free entry

Exhibition by JKFR, Filmmaker and Doctoral researcher, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki  

Venue: Lighthouse (Majakka) Project Space and adjoined areas, 6th Floor in Academy of Fine Arts building Mylly, (Sörnäisten rantatie 19, Helsinki). The 6th Floor can be reached from the 5th Floor via the staircase or with the elevator.

‘Daily Disasters’ consists of several multi-space installations suggesting an active research site that has been hit by a drone. This transformation of the project space into a targeted area is done by rearranging the research theoretical and physical materials into cinematic-sculptural acts and artworks which are being constructed, manipulated, and potentially destroyed through the entire exhibition duration. These acts and pieces explore the tensions between asymmetric hierarchies, interspecies relations, security states and artistic research, while examining the ability to produce new knowledge under restrictive spatial conditions. ‘Daily Disasters’ aims to place the exhibition participants inside the active research process, as an immediate event which could not be experienced by any other means. It is therefore questioning the remoteness and digitization of the surveillance economy which are at the heart of both drones’ asymmetrical activities and the escalating ecological crisis.

The exhibition is supported by VISEK and the Kone Foundation.