In news: workshop convenes

sites, situations and enabling constraints

9–10 December 2022

convened by Zen Marie / Brigitta Stone-Johnson / Alex Arteaga

Cities, like all terrains, are collectivities of living and tangling materialities and beings. That enfolds weather, atmospheres, matter and beings in living and active collaborations. Neither sites nor situations, urban terrains offer moments of friction for human collaborators, often considered stumbling blocks. On the contrary, we see them as enabling constraints and invitations to create with the city.

In this 2-day workshop, related to the KuvA Research Days 'Artistic Research and City Space' themed section (taking place 12–13 December 2022), the participants engage with city space-related practices and theories, starting off from three 'prompts' offered by the invited guests Zen Marie (Johannesburg), Brigitta Stone-Johnson (Johannesburg) and Alex Arteaga (Barcelona). The three guests introduce their related ongoing artistic research practices and theoretical underpinnings as 'prompts' and as an invitation to catalyse the participants' further exploration of the means of engaging with the city space ­and its material, ephemeral, conceptual, normative and imagined elements, qualities and possibilities. The workshop entails a variety of artistic research practices (inc., the so-called seminar mode and collaborative practice mode). Aimed at Inviting participants to encounter the cities with their own cooperative, creative actions.

This event is not open for the public.