Auditory illnesses




The most common auditory illnesses are different types of infections. The middle ear infection is most common among children, but can be contracted by adults, too. It is often brought on by a cold or flu and causes temporary loss of hearing. A middle ear infection can go away without treatment, but if necessary, it can be treated with antibiotics.

Infections in the earlobe or the auditory canal are called external otitis. It is most common in summer, and is often caused by dirty water residue in the ear canal, for example, after visiting a swimming pool. Self-implemented wax removal can also cause infections. External otitis causes temporary loss of hearing, and it is treated by topical medication and a cleaning carried out by a physician.

Ear wax is the ear canal's best friend. In normal circumstances, it should not be unnecessarily removed. The wax protects the ear canal from infections. Follow the ear doctor's old advice: do not insert anything smaller than your elbow in your ear! If you have excessive wax, consult your doctor.